A natural, non-invasive approach is changing the face of cancer treatment

It wasn’t so long ago that the idea of treating cancer with an electrical field would have been sharply dismissed as pure quackery…

But times have changed. Now, patients are savvier about their cancer care than ever before. And even many conventional doctors are coming around to the idea of complementary and alternative treatments.

That includes prestigious research institutions like Northwestern University, where scientists have been leading the way in testing a remarkably safe cancer-killer called Tumor Treating Fields (TTF).

Disrupting cancer cell proliferation

TTF is similar to another effective natural cancer treatment, intravenous vitamin C (IVC), in that it goes right to work inside the body, killing cancer cells while leaving healthy cells intact.

According to an article published by Johns Hopkins Medicine, a non-invasive medical device creates “Tumor Treating Fields,” which are mild electrical fields that pulse through the skin.

TTF targets and disrupts the rapid cell division process cancer cells use to grow and spread.

When TTF prevents this cell division, the cancer cells self-destruct and the tumor shrinks.

The FDA approved TFF in 2011 for treating tumors like the hyper-aggressive brain tumor called glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) that took the life of Senator John McCain.

Two years ago, Northwestern University researchers reported on a trial in which GBM patients treated with TTF and chemotherapy had significantly longer survival time compared to patients who received chemo alone.

No more debilitating side effects

Dr. Fred Pescatore believes that TTF is “shaping up to change cancer care as we know it.”

In his Essential Protocol to a Cancer-Free Future, Dr. Pescatore explains the TTF procedure: “Your doctor attaches a set of insulated electrodes to your skin in the location of the tumor, like a bandage. These electrodes connect to a small field generator, which you wear continuously in a small backpack.

“You remove the device to shower or bathe. But otherwise, you’re free to go about your daily life without any interference. That’s because the device doesn’t deliver an electrical current to the tissue, as with some other forms of electrotherapy. Rather, a TTF device simply generates an electrical field.”

Dr. Pescatore adds that an electrical field is the space around a charged particle. So patients never feel this field, though it has a very different effect on cancer cells, paralyzing them and preventing them from multiplying.

But it’s the lack of side effects with TTF that makes it a truly revolutionary cancer treatment.

TTF doesn’t harm non-dividing cells and healthy tissue. And as Dr. Pescatore points out, this includes bone marrow, which is responsible for red and white blood cell production.

No nausea. No brain fog. No bone-crushing fatigue. You might have a mild skin reaction to the electrodes. And in very rare cases, patients could experience headaches, tiredness, or muscle twitching.

“But even the worst case scenario pales in comparison to the average experience with chemotherapy.”

Limitless possibilities in treating a variety of cancers

In addition to the encouraging reports in treating GBM (in some cases, doubling average survival times in newly diagnosed patients), Dr. Pescatore notes that TTF has also been effective in clinical trials for advanced non-small cell lung cancer.

In fact, more than 6,000 cancer patients have been treated at more than 700 certified treatment centers that use Optune®, the FDA-approved TTF device.

“As for what the future holds?” Dr. Pescatore asks. “By the looks of it, the possibilities here are truly limitless. And I’ll be watching developments very closely, to say the least.

“This may be the first you’ve heard of Tumor Treating Fields. But I’m certain it won’t be the last.”

You can find out how to locate an Optune® treatment center nearest you in the Resource Directory of Dr. Pescatore’s Essential Protocol to a Cancer-Free Future. Click here to learn more about this resource for cutting-edge cancer cures or to enroll today.


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