Two simple stress-busters can save you from a blood pressure disaster

By now, you’re probably well aware that stress can trigger dramatic spikes in your blood pressure. These spikes don’t usually last very long.

But if your job stresses you out on a daily basis, or if family matters are frequently on a high boil, it can result in a level of unrelieved chronic stress that can do some serious damage to your cardiovascular system.

I’ve previously reported on the many stress relieving benefits of meditation, yoga, and music therapy. But when you’re facing a potentially deadly problem like high blood pressure, you should know about ALL your options…including the natural supplements.

Especially since research shows natural supplementation could very well prevent you from having to resort to dangerous prescription blood pressure (BP) drugs. That’s always a win in my book!

And Dr. Fred Pescatore echoes these sentiments…

In his Ultimate Heart-Protection Protocol, Dr. Pescatore stresses the importance of using these BP medications only when absolutely necessary. “Especially,” he says, “when there are safe, natural solutions that are just as effective as drugs — if not more so.”

And among Dr. Pescatore’s list of recommended BP supplements, two stand out for their ability to help you (and your heart) handle stress.

Balance blood pressure by boosting mood and busting cravings

The first standout supplement is SAM-e (S-adenosyl-L-methionine).

SAM-e is an amino acid that helps regulate your brain neurotransmitters, which produces several benefits. Dr. Pescatore says, “I’ve found it to be exceptionally helpful for easing stress and boosting mood — both major factors in high blood pressure.”

And SAM-e can also help reduce psychological cravings for foods that can damage your heart and arteries — sugar, in particular.

Dr. Pescatore explains, “One of the reasons sugar is so addictive is because it boosts serotonin levels, leaving you with a natural — but very temporary — ‘high.’ SAM-e offers serotonin support without the nasty side effects of sugar.”

Dr. Pescatore recommends 400 milligrams of SAM-e each morning.

Sip your way to serenity

Next up is another amino acid: Theanine.

If you’ve ever brewed yourself a nice cup of green tea to unwind after a long day, you were actually putting theanine to work without even realizing. Green tea’s theanine content is largely responsible its relaxing properties.

Dr. Pescatore cites a 2012 study from Japan where researchers gave 16 healthy volunteers either theanine or a placebo, and then put the participants through a series of challenging psychological and physical stress tests.

The first was a timed auditory test, followed by a timed math test. This was followed by a cold pressor test which is designed to induce physical acute stress. In this test, participants immersed their right hands in ice water for one minute. Researchers then measured blood pressure and heart rates to determine vascular response.

Dr. Pescatore reports the results: “They found theanine ‘significantly inhibited the blood pressure increases.’ It also reduced levels of tension and anxiety after the mental tasks were completed.”

So when you find yourself faced with stressful situations, Dr. Pescatore recommends 200 mg of theanine four times per day. (And it doesn’t hurt to sip it down with a little green tea.)

In addition to SAM-e and theanine, there are several other safe, science-backed supplements Dr. Pescatore recommends to naturally relieve stress and lower blood pressure in his Ultimate Heart-Protection Protocol. Click here to learn more about this invaluable heart-health resource or to enroll today.

Effects of L-Theanine and Caffeine on Blood Pressure Under Stress
Natural Health Research
August 18, 2016