Could this be the most important pill you ever take?

Years ago, a team of scientists pushed an idea called polypill that would have combined a cholesterol-lowering statin, a blood pressure medication, aspirin, and metformin into a single pill.

They had hopes of formulating the one true silver bullet medication that could be taken by anyone with increased cardiovascular risk — as well as everyone over age 55. According to their calculations, it could save millions of lives every year (and make them millions of dollars).

Ultimately, due to many varying factors, their plan never came to fruition.

But the funny thing is, this million-dollar idea for a super polypill was entirely useless in the first place. Because there’s already a widely-available botanical supplement that can do all of this and more.

It’s called nattokinase (NK), and it acts just like this cardiovascular polypill — except without what presumably would have been a high price tag, coupled with a long list of drug side effects.

If you have any cardiovascular risk factors, this might be one of the most important pills you ever take.

Your no-risk arterial plaque removal

NK is extracted from natto, which is boiled soybeans fermented with the bacterium bacillus natto. That might not sound like a contender to go one-on-one against one of the best-selling class of drugs in history (statins), but it is. And a serious contender at that, as evidenced by mounds of research.

In a recent clinical study from Australia’s University of Technology Sydney, researchers tested NK supplements in patients with atherosclerotic plaques — or narrowing of the arteries.

After 26 weeks, they reported: “NK supplementation was an effective way to suppress the progression of atherosclerosis.”

Even more impressive, they found the reduction of plaques in the NK group was significantly greater than the group treated with a statin drug.

And they added, “Our data suggested that NK was a better alternative to statins, a commonly used drug to reduce atherosclerosis, and furthermore, NK could be a viable alternative therapy for cardiovascular attack and stroke in patients.”

NK may cause two minor side effects, which I’ll tell you more about in a moment. But these effects pale in comparison to the serious adverse effects linked to statins, including high blood sugar (and hence, the promotion of type 2 diabetes), muscle pain due to muscle damage, kidney and liver damage, cataracts, and impaired cognition, just to name a few.

So in terms of safety — there’s no contest here. NK crushes statins!

And when it comes to efficacy, NK simply works better to protect artery health.

Safely driving down high blood pressure

One of the potential problems of NK is that people with already low blood pressure might find their BP slipping to dangerously low levels.

Of course, if you have high blood pressure, this is a big plus for many people. And it’s just one of the NK benefits that Dr. Fred Pescatore highlights in his Ultimate Heart-Protection Protocol.

He cites a study where hypertension patients took either NK or a placebo for two months. Those who took the supplement had a 7 point drop in diastolic blood pressure (the lower number in a BP reading), which Dr. Pescatore calls “a promising strategy in improving heart health.”

And in a similar study, patients using NK lowered blood pressure by 5.5 points systolic (the upper BP number) and 2.8 points diastolic. Researchers concluded that the supplement could “play an important role in preventing and treating hypertension.”

Dismantling blood clot dangers

Another NK side effect is also a benefit when it’s well controlled: Blood thinning.

This benefit is one of the key reasons Dr. Pescatore recommends NK for patients who need to prevent or reverse cardiovascular disease. And blood thinning is also an essential plus for anyone at risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

DVT can form in your legs when you’re inactive for long periods — especially when recovering from surgery or on a long airline flight. In fact, Dr. Pescatore notes that long flights more than double the risk of DVT blood clot formation. And the risk is even higher in people who are overweight, age 60 or older, have heart disease, or have had knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Pescatore explains that NK dissolves fibrinogen, which he describes as “threads of protein that help knit clots together.” These clots prompt heart attacks and stroke. And in DVT, they can break loose, lodge in your lungs, and trigger a pulmonary embolism.

So if you plan to go on a particularly long flight, or if you have any other cardiovascular issues, Dr. Pescatore recommends a daily supplement of NK.

This is his specific suggestion: “The best dosage is between 1,000 to 3,000 fibrin units per day. (3,000 fibrin units equates to roughly 150 mg.)

“For added potency, I recommend a product that combines NK with serratiopeptidase, another fibrinogen-dissolving enzyme. I recommend 150 mg of serratiopeptidase daily.”

NK is just one of many effective heart-supporting supplements that often exceed the benefits of prescription drugs. You’ll find Dr. Pescatore’s complete list of recommendations, along with indispensable dietary and lifestyle tips, in his Ultimate Heart-Protection Protocol. Click here to learn more about this unparalleled heart health regimen, or to enroll today.


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