Save yourself from the painful disfigurement of diabetic peripheral neuropathy

It starts as a tingling sensation. But over time, it morphs into pain. Your feet hurt and your hands ache.

Eventually that pain turns into a deep burning, and you might feel sharp, shocking pangs that zap through your hands and feet. Your feet may become so numb that you lose your footing.

This is the progression of diabetic nerve pain, also known as diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN). And this condition goes way beyond pain — advanced cases can often end in amputation or even death.

But you can prevent this downward spiral of pain and disfigurement with a few all-natural supplements.

Nerve damage starts later than you’d think

About half of all diabetics suffer from some level of DPN. Around 20 percent of type 2 diabetics are affected within five years of diagnosis. And after 10 years, that rate doubles.

Most of these patients will be treated with medications typically used for neuropathy: Antidepressants, opioids, and anti-epileptic drugs. But it might be more accurate to say they’re “mistreated” — especially because these drugs don’t provide much relief, and may be coupled with substantial side effects.

What’s worse, these treatments do absolutely nothing to address the two devastating problems at the root of DPN: High blood sugar and inflammation.

In Dr. Fred Pescatore’s Pain-Free Life Protocol, he describes what happens to delicate nerve fibers when neuropathy gets fully underway: “It can injure or destroy nerve fibers in various parts of the body — beyond the hands and feet — resulting in systemic issues. These issues can be major and include complications with your heart, digestion, urinary tract, and sexual function.”

The longer your blood sugar is out of control, the worse the damage can be. And Dr. Pescatore cites new evidence from Johns Hopkins University research that shows how this damage can get started well before a formal diabetes diagnosis — while a patient is still considered prediabetic.

In short, the time to start addressing DPN is now — without any delay.

Slashing pain by half

While conventional doctors prescribe “band-aid” drugs that only temporarily provide relief for DPN, Dr. Pescatore urges patients to begin using supplements of alpha-lipoic acid (ALA) — a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrient that helps curb “free radicals” that damage cells, including nerve cells.

Dr. Pescatore cites a study where Dutch researchers analyzed data from the four major studies of ALA on neuropathy. These trials involved more than 600 diabetic patients whose neuropathy symptoms were cut in half. And the effect was “unexpectedly rapid,” with patients reporting significant relief in just three to five weeks.

The most effective dose in these studies was 600 mg per day. And Dr. Pescatore says that he’s found a dose range of 600 to 800 mg to be most effective.

Supporting the tiniest capillaries

As good as ALA is, Dr. Pescatore considers it just the first step. He says, “There’s a crucial second step that can shield your nerves from damage. Some researchers think the crippling pain of neuropathy isn’t a result of nerve damage, but instead of blood vessel damage. I think it’s probably a combination of the two.

“But in any case, it’s essential to support your microcirculatory system if you want to halt the damage caused by neuropathy.”

To do that, Dr. Pescatore recommends several daily supplements that he considers “must haves” in order to the keep blood vessels and capillaries that feed your veins and arteries in good shape. These supplements include:

  • Diosmin — 250 mg
  • Hesperidin — 25 mg
  • Resveratrol — 500 mg
  • Turmeric — 250 mg

And to this he adds a dietary tip: “Cut out the carbs, eat plenty of protein at every meal and for snacks, and help keep your nerves pain-free.”

There are two more supplements that Dr. Pescatore considers essential for prevention and treatment of diabetic neuropathy pain, and you can read all about them in his Pain-Free Life Protocol. In this online learning course, he also goes into depth with lifestyle, supplementation, diet, and medical screening recommendations for not only diabetic neuropathy, but many types of pain. Click here to learn more about this protocol or to enroll today.


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