The no-pill, no-spray solution to seasonal allergies

It’s always refreshing to witness the beautiful bursts of spring, rife with its colorful blooms and lush greenery.

But for millions of people, this time of growth and renewal is accompanied by the misery of seasonal allergies.

If you’re the type who regularly checks your local pollen count along with the daily weather report, I’m sure your dreading the inevitable onslaught of sneezing, itchy eyes, and a runny nose.

But I’m sure you’re dreading the thought of feeling drugged out on allergy and decongestant drugs even more.

This spring, find relief another way. With an alternative treatment that can sooth your symptoms — and even give you an added sense of well-being — without using a single drug!

Weeding out seasonal misery

Acute sinusitis occurs when pollen and other irritants wreak havoc on nasal passages and surrounding cavities, setting off severe congestion, headache, sore throat, coughing, and other unpleasant symptoms.

In the worst cases, bacteria in mucus can prompt infection and chronic sinusitis, which can last for weeks and requires treatment with antibiotics.

Fortunately, sinusitis can also be prevented and treated with a gas called nitric oxide (NO).

NO is produced in your body and is indispensable in keeping your blood vessels supple and healthy. Plus, it curbs inflammation and boosts your immune system.

So how can you produce NO to ward off a sinusitis infection?

Using your body’s built-in allergy relievers

According to research, you can easily prompt NO production in your nasal passages by doing just about the easiest thing you can imagine: Humming.

In his Whole Body Sound Healing System Protocol, world-renowned sound healing expert Jim Donovan talks about science behind this little known technique.

Jim says, “Research shows that humming opens the sinuses and increases the level of NO in our blood stream. When these levels are higher, more air moves out of your sinuses, which promotes healthy sinuses.”

Jim cites a study where researchers used face masks to capture and measure NO levels in a group of middle-aged men who were instructed to hum for five minutes.

Results showed a stunning 15-fold increase in airflow after humming. “Additionally,” Jim says, “they found a dramatic increase in the NO levels with this group, which lead them to conclude that humming is an effective and non-invasive way to maintain healthy sinuses.”

Hum your way to clear sinuses

In another study, researchers asked a patient with severe chronic sinus infection to hum for one hour before bedtime. The next morning, his sinuses were clear and he was able to breathe normally through his nose for the first time in weeks.

After four days of humming for 60 to 120 minutes, four times each day, his symptoms were 100 percent relieved.

Jim notes that the researchers in both of these studies believe that humming daily for several minutes is an effective preventive health practice.

In Jim’s Whole Body Sound Healing System Protocol, he’s included video instructions for his one-of-a-kind humming technique that he created specifically to help you either clear or prevent sinus congestion.

The exercise combines humming sound with gentle acupressure massage that you can easily do yourself. “To use it,” he says, “you’ll massage points just to the side of your nose that can help you open sinus congestion.”

In addition to his humming/acupressure technique, Jim has included a chapter that explores seven more techniques to clear sinus congestion, all without the use of brain fog-inducing sprays, pills, or syrups.

You can learn more about Jim Donovan’s unique approach to healing congestion and many other bodily ailments in his Whole Body Sound Healing System Protocol. Click here to find out more about this versatile online learning tool, or to enroll today.