Activate your body’s hidden “youth switch”

Amino acids are the building blocks of every protein in your body. And as Dr. Fred Pescatore points out in his Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol, your body uses these proteins to clear away old damaged cells and construct new healthy ones.

In fact, Dr. Pescatore believes amino acids are uniquely effective in activating what he calls the body’s five, hidden “youth switches.”

Today I’ll explain how amino acids and these “youth switches” may be your ticket to younger skin, hair, and nails; a slimmer waistline; healthier blood flow, and improved vitality and energy

The “youth switches” explained

Youth Switch No. 1: Healthy proteins. As I just mentioned, amino acids can help to clear away old, damaged cells to create new healthy ones. This includes skin cells.

And Dr. Pescatore cites a 2012 animal study that showed how a combination of amino acids that included glutamine and the branched chain amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) was actually able to undo oxidative damage to skin caused by years of sun exposure.

Youth Switch No. 2: Growth hormone. This is one of the hottest (and costliest) anti-aging techniques at the moment. And a big part of growth hormone’s popularity is its incredible fat-burning effects.

Dr. Pescatore explains, “Growth hormone is simply a polypeptide made up of…you guessed it, amino acids. And by supplementing with amino acids, you can naturally boost your body’s growth hormone levels (and get its fat burning benefits) without breaking the bank.

“In fact, one amino acid, glutamine, was shown in a 9-person study to increase growth hormone levels in just 60 minutes.”

Youth Switch No. 3: Energy. Each cell of your body contains a tiny “power plant” called mitochondria that creates the natural fuel for fighting fatigue.

“But odds are,” Dr. Pescatore says, “your mitochondria have been stuck in the ‘off’ switch for years.”

He notes research that shows how amino acids can actually help jump-start old, worn-out mitochondria. And as an added bonus, they reduce enzymes linked with fatigue.

Dr. Pescatore points out how this turns into a huge benefit for you: “Having more energy means you can be more active. And being more active can start to revitalize the health of every single one of your vital organs.”

You can learn about the body’s two additional “youth switches”—and how amino acids help activate them—in Dr. Pescatore’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at what Dr. Pescatore says is the most effective way to ensure you’re getting the amino acids your body needs to stay younger, longer…

How to easily activate your “youth switches”

The easiest way to get enough amino acids to activate the five youth switches is to eat plenty of high-quality protein. And in Dr. Pescatore’s view, animal protein is the No. 1 source for the most indispensable amino acids.

He notes that plant foods such as beans, soy products, nuts, spinach, and broccoli increase your protein intake, but they’ll never match the amino acid boost you’ll get from animal protein—especially animals that are allowed to graze “free range.”

But as important as dietary protein is, Dr. Pescatore also believes you can benefit enormously by taking an amino acid supplement.

The reason? He explains that getting the right dose and balance of amino acids from food alone can be incredibly difficult.

That’s why he recommends taking branched chain amino acids and other amino acids like glutamine in supplement form. Specifically, he suggests these daily doses of four key amino acids:

  • L-leucine: 3,000 mg
  • L-isoleucine: 750 mg
  • L-valine: 750 mg
  • L-glutamine: 4,000 mg

You can find specific details about these and other age-defying supplements in the Resource Directory of Dr. Pescatore’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol.