The “Bavarian brain booster” that quickly eases anxiety and boosts brain power

Want to diffuse anxiety, improve your mood, and banish those annoying “senior moments”?

Lemon balm may be the key to doing all three.

But as Dr. Fred Pescatore mentions in the Ultimate Stress Relief Protocol, while there are thousands of varieties of lemon balm, only one is scientifically proven to enhance your memory, focus, word recall, and brainpower.

This powerful variety is called Bluenesse®.

Bluenesse is extracted from a special type of lemon balm that’s only grown in Bavaria, Germany, where it’s rigorously tested to make sure it contains the unique composition of essential phytonutrients that deliver stress-defying benefits.

Today I’ll show you the research behind Bluenesse and how it can quickly ease your stress.

Release the “feel-good” chemicals in your brain

One of the key factors behind the anxiety-soothing appeal of Bluenesse is the effect it has on an amino acid and neurotransmitter called gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA).

As Dr. Pescatore points out, Bluenesse contains active ingredients that ensure your brain gets optimum amounts of GABA, which produces a calming effect. In addition, Bluenesse boosts your levels of dopamine—one of your brain’s so-called “feel-good” chemicals.

But along with these comforting benefits, Dr. Pescatore also explains that “Bluenesse improves memory and increases focus and concentration by activating your brain’s M1 receptors. M1 is a very tiny, yet very powerful type of brain cell. They’re in charge of a process called oscillation—which makes sure information flows freely between your brain cells.”

Oscillation is a critical process because it’s the only way you can store and retrieve your memories, learn new tasks, and stay focused.

So if your M1s aren’t activated properly, your brain feels sluggish. And Dr. Pescatore adds, “It’s harder to remember things. Your focus seems fuzzy. And you don’t seem to come up with answers or new ideas like you used to.”

In short, poor M1 function is what’s behind those frustrating “senior moments” that we can all do without!

Like hitting the “refresh” button on your brain

Dr. Pescatore has recommended Bluenesse for years, and he says the improvements he’s seen in his patients has been “phenomenal.”

And the research shows why. In one clinical trial, participants experienced a dramatic boost in memory and focus just one hour after taking 300 mg of Bluenesse.

In another study, Bluenesse improved short-term and long-term memory, improving participants’ ability to remember names, dates, places, and all of those security passcodes you have to create.

“In both studies,” Dr. Pescatore says, “the Bluenesse groups’ memory and focus just kept improving. And their overall mental state improved as well.”

In fact, even three hours after taking Bluenesse, participants described themselves as “calm,” “steady,” “self-confident,” and “comfortable.”

In these and other studies, the beneficial effects were seen after a single use of Bluenesse. But Dr. Pescatore recommends taking 300 mg every day, “To ensure your brain keeps firing on all cylinders…all day long.”

You can find ordering information and other details about Bluenesse in the Ultimate Stress Relief Protocol.

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