Can you hum away seasonal allergies?

If you’re one of the millions of people currently suffering with seasonal allergies, I have good news for you.

Instead of reaching for medications that can make you feel groggy and tired—there’s a simple humming technique that could help you overcome seasonal allergies, naturally.

And today, I’ll tell you how…

Sufficient NO is an indication of healthy sinuses

In his Whole Body Sound Healing System Protocol, professional drummer, teacher, and therapeutic researcher Jim Donovan shares research that shows how humming can free seasonal allergy patients from their misery.

“When you have a stuffy nose,” Jim says, “air and mucus become trapped inside your sinuses, which can result in an infection. Research shows that humming opens the sinuses and increases the level of nitric oxide in our bloodstream.

“When these levels are higher, it shows that air is moving out of your sinuses well and indicates healthy sinuses.”

Jim points out that you release NO during normal respiration, and adds that open airways are essential for maintaining healthy sinuses, which typically have high levels of nitric oxide.

Jim discovered a remarkable study published in The American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine. Researchers at the prestigious Karolinska Institute, in Stockholm, Sweden mounted a trial to find out if the oscillating airflow produced by humming would increase nitric oxide levels.

The Karolinska team recruited a cohort of healthy middle-aged men who were fitted with masks that allowed levels of nitric oxide to be captured and measured.

Participants breathed normally for five minutes to establish a baseline NO measurement. Then participants hummed for 5 minutes to get a second reading on NO levels.

Jim shares the extraordinary results: “What they found was a 15-fold increase in airflow when the participants hummed.

“Additionally, they found a dramatic increase in the levels of nitric oxide with this group, which lead them to conclude that humming is an effective and non-invasive way to maintain healthy sinuses.”

Taking humming to a new level

To relieve sinus congestion, Jim has developed a unique humming method that includes acupressure massage.

Jim explains, “Acupressure is an ancient pain release practice. To use it, you’ll massage points just to the side of your nose that help you open sinus congestion. If you have a stuffy nose, you may want to have some tissues handy before starting this exercise!”

Jim’s Whole Body Sound Healing System Protocol includes a video he made to demonstrate his easy-to-follow instructions for his combination humming/acupressure technique.

Jim also shares seven more simple methods you can do at home to clear your clogged sinuses—all without resorting to allergy drugs.

In addition to sinus relief, Jim’s Whole Body Sound Healing System Protocol shows you how to incorporate his humming approach with other natural sound-based methods to produce surprising benefits in heart health, depression and anxiety relief, memory enhancement, and general wellbeing.

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