The “not-so-secret fountain of youth” that can reverse aging

Dr. Fred Pescatore has always said the concept of “getting old” is pretty much all in your mind.

And in his Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol, he cites a recent study that reveals how making a few healthy changes in your life can actually reverse the aging process—right down to the cellular level.

But before I tell you about the study, it’s important to know a little bit about telomeres—the strands of DNA that cap and protect your chromosomes.

Dr. Pescatore explains, “Think of them like the little plastic pieces on the ends of your shoelaces. They keep the laces from fraying. And telomeres help keep your DNA intact. But they shorten with age and ongoing cell division, which leaves chromosomes vulnerable and contributes to disease.”

“Simply put,” Dr. Pescatore says, “every snip to your telomeres brings your body one step closer to disease. So I’m always looking for ways to keep telomeres intact longer. Because longer telomeres ultimately translate to a longer lifespan.”

And that’s why he’s so excited about these study results…

Researchers recruited 35 men and instructed 10 of them to implement these lifestyle changes:

  • Daily exercise
  • A diet built around whole foods—rich in fruits and vegetables
  • Relaxation and stress management, including things like regular yoga practice

These lifestyle interventions were encouraged by multiple support sessions to ensure that the change in habits would stick.

The other 25 men were told to not change any of their usual habits—and as Dr. Pescatore puts it, “Let’s just say, the difference showed.”

At the end of the five-year study, telomere length among the 25 men in the control group shortened by an average of 3 percent. But among the men who changed to healthier habits, telomeres actually lengthened by an average of 10 percent.

“The largest increases,” Dr. Pescatore adds, “were among those men who were most dedicated to their new healthy lifestyle. In other words, on a cellular level, these men actually got younger over the course of five years.”

Dr. Pescatore says, “Based on what we know about the role of telomere length in disease, it’s obvious that the influence of lifestyle changes in this arena is profound.”

In short, he says, eating well and staying active really is the “not-so-secret fountain of youth.”

But in addition to eating wholesome foods, getting regular exercise, and finding ways to reduce stress, Dr. Pescatore’s Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol, includes many additional approaches for graceful anti-aging.

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