The gentle exercise that can ease COPD just as well as drugs

Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease—or COPD—is now the No. 3 cause of death in the U.S. And the COPD drug market is set to hit $14.1 billion in profits in 2025, as big pharma continues to aggressively market their drugs and inhalers to a growing population of sufferers.

Unfortunately—COPD drugs and inhalers cause countless, harmful side effects.

But as Dr. Marc Micozzi explains in his, Breathe Better Lung Protocol, there are many safe and effective natural options to support lung health. And some researchers are beginning to seriously consider one particular natural alternative to effectively control—and even reverse—the symptoms of COPD: Tai chi.

Tai chi involves a flowing series of 24 movements that provide gentle exercise.

But as Dr. Micozzi points out, many people with COPD might not be physically able to complete all 24 movements. So, a new study on people with COPD tested a modified form of tai chi, which included just six movements.

The researchers recruited 120 COPD patients with moderate-to-severe COPD and divided them into two groups.

One group learned the modified tai chi and practiced the exercise for about five hours per week for 12 weeks. The second group underwent 12 weeks of traditional pulmonary rehab, or PR, which included frequent sessions with trained physiotherapists.

After 12 weeks, the tai chi group showed significant improvements similar to the PR group in three key areas:

  • Lung function
  • Exercise capacity (walking distance achieved in six minutes)
  • Overall health status

And Dr. Micozzi adds, “Tai chi also seemed to prevent shortness of breath from getting worse, and the benefits lasted longer even after stopping the exercises than in the PR group. There’s no drug that confers that many benefits without any side effects.”

But that’s not the only research to confirmed that tai chi can provide relief for COPD patients…

In another study from Cochrane—an independent organization that analyzes health research—tai chi worked just as well as drugs in providing symptom relief for COPD patients.

The Cochrane team reviewed 12 studies that included more than 800 older participants. The analysis found that COPD patients who practiced tai chi for periods that ranged from six weeks to one year enjoyed improved lung function and were also able to walk almost 100 feet further in six minutes compared to patients who didn’t practice tai chi.

If you are interested in trying tai chi, you can find free beginner lessons on YouTube.

Of course, Dr. Micozzi thoroughly covers many more natural lung treatments in his Breathe Better Lung Health Protocol. Click here to get started right away, or to learn more about this essential lung-protecting protocol.


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