The one nutrient that helps 100-year-olds improve their memory

In his Complete Alzheimer’s Prevention & Repair Protocol, Dr. Micozzi stresses that there are a handful of powerful nutrients that are a must for optimizing your memory and preventing the slow, dismal slide into dementia.

And one of his favorites is lutein.

Lutein is a carotenoid—a nutrient found in carrots and other foods like oranges, egg yolks, corn, and spinach. And it’s one of only two carotenoids that can penetrate the blood-brain barrier. Which makes it a crucial tool in fighting the Alzheimer’s epidemic.

In one trial that included some participants who were over 100 years old, researchers found those with higher levels of lutein had a greater cognitive function, verbal fluency, and memory retention.

In another study, researchers found that lutein alone—or in combination with omega-3 fatty acids—improved cognitive function, verbal fluency, learning ability, and memory in older women.

Bottom line: Lutein can improve cognitive function in older people and can also help prevent dementia. Dr. Micozzi recommends taking a daily lutein supplement of 12 mg daily.

Next up is lecithin—a naturally healthy fat that’s found primarily in egg yolk, meats, soy, and seeds.

Dr. Micozzi explains: “Lecithin is generally a mixture of some serious-sounding nutritional compounds—glycolipids, triglycerides, and phospholipids. Big names—with a very big impact on your brain.”

For instance, he says, phospholipids are the major component of the membranes that encase every cell in the body. In your brain, these compounds protect nerve cells by forming a protective sheath around them, allowing nerve impulses to move more efficiently to and between cells.

In one study, researchers found that in participants with short-term or long-term memory loss, a single therapeutic dose of lecithin increased memory performance in just 90 minutes. It may also help improve verbal and visual memory. And it has neuroprotective effects related to Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. Micozzi notes that lecithin is available in 1,000 mg supplement doses but may require up to 25 grams (25,000 mg) daily, used in food quantities, to see the full benefits. But he cautions that high doses should only be used with the supervision of a doctor or a qualified health practitioner.

Dr. Micozzi’s third memory boosting nutrient is taurine—an amino acid shown to help move information from brain cell to brain cell.

“In other words,” he says, “it’s a neurotransmitter.”

Taurine is also believed to be one of the secrets behind the exceptional longevity of those who live on the Japanese island of Okinawa, where many people live to 100 years and beyond.

Meat, fish, and dairy products are good sources of taurine. Dr. Micozzi believes that a 500 mg daily dose of taurine is likely to benefit your brain.

As powerful as taurine, lecithin, and lutein are for maintaining sharp cognition, they aren’t the only nutrients you need to keep your memory intact. You can learn about three more nutrients that are just as essential in Dr. Micozzi’s Complete Alzheimer’s Prevention & Repair Protocol.

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