The strange purple drink that revitalizes your heart

There’s a little-known, super-powerful compound in certain vegetables that can give you ultimate heart protection. I’m talking about nitrates.

And in Bill Gottlieb’s Essential Age-Eraser Protocol, he explains that nitrates go through a biochemical transformation in your body that turns them into a “miracle molecule” called nitric oxide—or NO.

And NO has been shown to:

  • Relax and expand your blood vessels, lowering high blood pressure.
  • Reduce artery-damaging inflammation.
  • Slow the buildup of artery-clogging plaque.
  • Prevent the formation of blood clots, the trigger for most heart attacks and strokes.
  • Protect your heart and brain from excessive injury after a heart attack or stroke.

In other words, the more nitric oxide in your body, the lower your risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke. Unfortunately, as Bill points out, your body produces less and less NO as the years go by.

But the good news is, there’s an easy way to make up the difference and keep your heart strong: Eat foods that are rich in nitrates. (You can find the full list of nitrate-rich foods in Bill’s Essential Age-Eraser Protocol)

But there’s one specific vegetable that delivers more nitrate than any other: The humble beet

Bill singles one amazing study conducted at the University of Exeter in England…

Researchers divided eight men into two groups. Every day for three days, one group drank two cups of beetroot juice while the other group drank a placebo juice.

All the participants exercised on stationary bikes. Some bike sessions were moderate intensity and some were strenuous—exercising to total exhaustion.

Bill notes that in the moderate-intensity period, the men who drank beetroot juice used 19 percent less oxygen than the men who didn’t drink the juice.

But most remarkably, the men who drank beetroot juice exercised 16 percent longer in the strenuous intensity period compared to the men who didn’t drink the juice.

Bill puts these results in perspective: “Drinking beetroot juice accomplished what no other food, supplement, or training method ever accomplished—it allowed the body to use less oxygen during exertion. And that ‘oxygen advantage’ gives you so many advantages in the fight against heart disease.”

For example, research shows that if you’re 50 or older, there’s an 85 percent chance you have atherosclerosis, the plaque-narrowed arteries that put you at high risk for a heart attack. But if you can reduce your heart’s need for oxygen by drinking beetroot juice, you make it much less vulnerable to this catastrophic cardiovascular event, which strikes 750,000 people a year

Bottom line: Adding beetroot juice to your diet can reduce the “oxygen cost” of daily activities and enhance your functional capacity and quality of life.

Bill recommends drinking 16 ounces of beetroot juice daily.

You can find many more longevity tips like this in Bill’s Essential Age-Eraser Protocol. Click here to continue exploring this essential protocol, or to enroll today and get started on your own personal age-eraser program.