This relieves arthritis pain just as well as meds—without the side effects

Despite what mainstream wants you to believe—one of the most powerful weapons against arthritis pain isn’t an expensive prescription drug. Instead, it’s an all-natural solution: Enzymes.  

As Dr. Fred Pescatore explains in his Essential Pain Protocol, “Enzymes are the catalysts behind every single important event that takes place in your body. Like a finger pushing an intricate line of dominos, these tiny molecules set off the chain of events that make life itself possible.”

And research shows that enzymes are key at tackling joint pain.

In fact, several clinical trials from the last two decades confirm that enzyme supplementation offers the same clinical benefit as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) for patients suffering with osteoarthritis of the knee and hip.

One six-week study pitted enzyme therapy against an NSAID called diclofenac. And it found no significant difference in pain, stiffness, or physical function between the two treatment groups.

In fact, the results of this study leaned pretty definitively in favor of enzyme supplementation. Just over 71 percent of the patients taking enzymes showed either a good or very good response—versus 61 percent of the patients taking the NSAID.

And of course, enzymes are much safer than any of the NSAIDs on the market. Dr. Pescatore says, “After all, enzymes certainly aren’t causing heart attacks, stroke, or hearing loss.”

But the unfortunate fact is you lose enzymes as you age—for a number of different reasons.

First, Dr. Pescatore explains, “Fresh-picked, raw food is packed with live enzymes that help to maximize nutrient absorption. But many of us eat a diet loaded with processed foods, which are about as far from nature as it gets—and devoid of life-sustaining enzymes.”

Additionally, simply cooking your food strips it of vital enzymes even further. This is exactly why Dr. Pescatore believes supplementing with enzymes is key. And there’s one enzyme in particular that he strongly recommends—bromelain.

Bromelain is an extract of pineapple. Not only does it aid in digestion, but it also helps reduce inflammation—a main driver behind arthritis pain. Research has shown that bromelain’s anti-inflammatory effects can:

  • Reduce osteoarthritis pain as effectively as drugs
  • Manage painful side effects of chemotherapy
  • Lessen pain after shoulder surgery
  • Reduce pain after tooth extraction
  • Minimize acute knee pain

Dr. Pescatore recommends supplementing with 200 mg of bromelain daily—which can be even more effective when combined with a variety of enzymes like papain, amylase, and lipase. He notes that these and other digestive enzymes are often all included in single supplemental formulas.

In the end, Dr. Pescatore says, “When you factor in safety, enzymes are the clear winner. So, I strongly urge you to consider adding them to your anti-arthritis regimen.”