The Guide to an Allergy-Free Life Course Summary

Scientific research confirms you can COMBAT seasonal allergies…naturally.

And that means nearly every miserable symptom…from the annoying dry coughs…to the constant sneezing…to the uncomfortable congestion that makes it hard to breathe…can greatly improveWITHOUT taking a single drug.

In fact, in his small clinic in midtown Manhattan, Dr. Fred Pescatore has been treating his patients with natural techniques with tremendous success. He’s seen first-hand what life-changing effects natural allergy-fighters can have on folks desperate for relief.

And that’s exactly why he’s compiled every last detail on new and time-tested, science-backed allergy-fighters in his brand-new informational protocol:

The Guide to an Allergy-Free LifeThe Prescription-Free Plan to Relieve Runny Noses, Itchy Eyes, Scratchy Throats—and Every Allergy Symptom In-Between.

You’ll discover information on groundbreaking and natural allergy breakthroughs like…

  • The “time-tested technique” that helped eliminate sneezing, itching, nasal congestion, sore throat, and red, watery eyes PLUS significantly improved quality of life—INSTANTLY
  • The common nutrient deficiency that increases the risk of an acute asthma attack by 25%. Discover how easily fixing this deficiency slashed the risk of hospitalization and ER visits in HALF.
  • The anti-allergy microbes—that shut down the MAIN driver of allergy flare ups and can help RELIEVE nearly EVERY allergy symptom in just a matter of weeks.
  • The “just right” amount of sleep to avoid asthma attacks.
  • The scary link between asthma and dementia (and how to break it).
  • 5 ways to prepare for the “pollen-pocalypse.”
  • Pescatore’s simple supplement plan that defeats the “secret” root cause of allergies.
  • And so much more!

This unique protocol delivers nearly 2.5 hours of groundbreaking information on natural solutions that have been shown to help combat unbearable allergy symptoms and even deadly asthma attacks once and for all. It’s broken into 23 easy-to-follow lessons that allow you to go at your own pace.

This protocol also includes 7 FREE Supplemental Reports that you can download and print at any time. These reports highlight the most important points of each lesson for your quick reference, as well as provide additional research and recommendations.

Best of all, your enrollment in Guide to an Allergy Free Life is completely risk-free, thanks to Dr. Pescatore’s Exclusive, Anytime, 100% Money-Back Guarantee!

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