The Alzheimer’s Survival System Course Summary

Clinical studies reveal it’s now possible to grow new brain cells — even in old age – for a brain that’s stronger, sharper, and better equipped to fight Alzheimer’s disease.

But when a brilliant biologist first made this breakthrough discovery back in 1962, ago, he was practically laughed out of town. His findings should have changed the course of medical history right then… but instead, the mainstream’s dismissal helps explain why progress in the field of Alzheimer’s research ground to a halt.

Lucky for us, that biologist never gave up… and today, researchers are finally using his life-altering discovery as a roadmap to bring us closer to overcoming Alzheimer’s disease.

Today, studies now reveal how people like you and me can grow a better brain… become more resistant to all types of dementia… and maybe even fight back against memory loss.

For over a decade, the Institute for Natural Healing (INH) has been dedicated to uncovering the most hopeful, science-backed, trustworthy information that’s been published in the field of medical research… including in the areas of Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other brain diseases.

INH investigates and writes about stunning published discoveries that the mainstream seems to just sit back and ignore – often because these findings don’t fit its agenda.

Instead of accepting the common view that “there’s no hope for Alzheimer’s”… INH has uncovered an absolute treasure trove of published information on how everyday folks can improve brain function.   

And now, INH has combined the very best of this life-changing, memory-saving information into one comprehensive protocol, The Alzheimer’s Survival System: Stop age-related memory loss and build a dementia-resistant brain for years to come.

It contains groundbreaking information on drug-free techniques that can help protect and support memory, even at an advanced age – and even in the face of an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. These include…

  • How eating one food makes your brain 11 years younger
  • The surprising way to “power wash” your brain, helping it clear away toxins more efficiently and improve recall (very important if you’re over 60!)
  • The EASY exercise technique that can slow Alzheimer’s… regenerate brain cells… .and boost memory performance by 10%!
  • The green fruit you should eat every day if you want to improve your memory
  • The mind-boosting mineral you MUST know about…because the less of it you have, the FASTER dementia can take hold
  • Why you should eat the breakfast doctors HATE if you’re serious about protecting your brain
  • How 1 vitamin can stop a dementia diagnosis.
  • And much, much more

The Alzheimer’s Survival System contains over 2 full hours of comprehensive material, broken down into 20 easy-to-follow lessons (about 10 minutes each) that allow you to go at your own pace.

You’ll also get the exclusive Companion Guide highlighting the key points from each lesson and additional research and recommendations. Plus, the protocol comes with 2 free online reports that you can download and print at any time.

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