Dr. Alan Inglis’s Brain Rescue Protocol Course Summary

Welcome to Dr. Alan Inglis’s Brain Rescue Protocol!

In this brand-new protocol, Dr. Inglis reveals his top solutions for improving memory, reversing the effects of age-related memory loss, and lowering risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia.


  • The natural “Brain Regenerator” that restores senior memory. this vitamin-like nutrient helped seniors improve executive function by 34%boost complex attention by 27%increase cognitive flexibility by 17%… and “speed up” their reaction time
  • Plus: The powerful 1-2 punch that ENHANCES the memory-boosting power of the “Brain Regenerator.”
  • The delicious Indian “gold spice” that improves long-term memory by 28%…

And so much more…

Altogether, Dr. Inglis’s Brain Rescue Protocol includes 37 of his best, time-tested solutions for memory and Alzheimer’s.

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