Dr. Gerhauser’s Ultimate Alzheimer’s Fighting Protocol Course Description

Dr. Richard Gerhauser has been at the forefront of alternative approaches to healing for decades. In addition to teaching medicine at the University of Arizona for 25 years, he also worked at the world-famous Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort with professional athletes, celebrities, and top performers.

And through his own private practice in Tucson, Arizona he built a reputation on patient success stories using breakthrough approaches that are safe, effective, and in many cases surprisingly affordable.

Now, he’s undertaken one of his most ambitious projects to-date: He’s compiled all of the details on the natural brain-healing breakthroughs he’s uncovered over his 40-year career into one comprehensive protocol, called Dr. Gerhauser’s Ultimate Alzheimer’s Fighting Protocol.

Inside this groundbreaking protocol, you’ll find complete details on the very best tools for combatting dementia and Alzheimer’s naturally, including…

  • A medical marvel “brain oil” that could help starving brain cells spring back to life (Research shows it can even stabilize patients with severe Alzheimer’s)
  • The Warsaw Wonder for scrubbing away Alzheimer’s plaques and REVERSING brain inflammation. One study showed a 100% success rate in stopping or reversing the progression of Alzheimer’s symptoms in patients after 12 months.
  • The “secret salt” that REGROWS brain cells in just 4 weeks. (Dr. Gerhauser believes this could be one of the most powerful secrets for improving memory and brain function.)
  • And much, much more…

This all-inclusive protocol includes 44 comprehensive lessons and is the sum total of more than 40 years of Dr. Gerhauser’s personal research, study, and experience in natural approaches to healing, including brain health.

This start-to-finish guide is filled with life-changing information that could help you reclaim your health, your memory, and your future—and it could be your personal guidebook to fighting back against Alzheimer’s and dementia.

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