The Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol Course Summary

Heart disease is still the No. 1 cause of death in America…despite countless decades of mainstream medicine trying to treat and prevent this epidemic.

That’s why Dr. Micozzi has created The Heart Attack Prevention & Repair Protocol.

A natural heart protocol designed specifically to give you all the information you need to counteract the “one size fits all” mainstream approach to heart disease treatment.

It’s over 4 hours of material presented in Dr. Micozzi’s own words and broken down into 45 easy-to-follow lessons.

Inside this interactive protocol you’ll discover details on…

  • The “CDC Secret” for slashing heart disease risk up to 80%
  • The strange “Natural Power Wash” that scrubs arteries clean
  • The “Tribal Secret” and “wonder nutrient” to dropping blood pressure naturally
  • One vitamin that can help survive a heart attack and stroke
  • One strange spice that slashes heart attack risk post-surgery by 56%
  • The Mediterranean staple that improves heart markers in just hours
  • And so much more…

It’s the end result of 40 years’ worth of study and research. Research Dr. Micozzi has compiled and even conducted himself around the world… With everyone from tribal shamans, to Nobel laureates, to the late U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Koop, himself.

He’ll teach you everything you need to know about the breakthroughs that can help prevent heart attacks and stroke, reduce blood pressure, clear deadly plaque from arteries and much more…

Dr. Micozzi’s groundbreaking protocol offers life-changing information on alternatives to expensive and dangerous treatments like statins and heart surgery.

And for the first time ever, you don’t have to be a medical student at an Ivy League school to gain access to this life-changing information… because he’s explaining it all using a simple, interactive, online learning format.

This unique design allows you to start and stop listening to the learning protocol whenever you want…so you can go learn at your own pace. Even ask specific questions about what you’re learning.

The protocol also comes with 9 free online reports. You can download and print them at any time. These reports highlight the most important points of each lesson as well as additional research and recommendations.

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