Dr. Fred Pescatore’s Perfect Sleep Protocol Course Summary

Imagine falling asleep when you’re ready and staying asleep instead of waking up at 3 a.m. with the entire day replaying over and over in your mind…

And best of all? Waking up feeling refreshed, recharged, and alert all through the day.

A team of investigators at Scotland’s premier private clinical research center uncovered a powerful sleep secret—and the study results were breathtaking—

Within 21 days, this discovery helped a group of participants finally experience easy, effortless sleep.

Not only did their quality of sleep improve, they even fell asleep 24 minutes faster by doing this 1 simple thing…

And there’s a good chance you have never heard of it.

That can change now with Dr. Fred Pescatore’s Perfect Sleep Protocol.

For 30 years, Dr. Pescatore has been combing through the growing mountain of research on sleep.

After writing 7 best-selling books on nutrition, metabolic health, and natural healing, Dr. Pescatore realized sleep was the final piece of the puzzle that can make or break your health.

He witnessed firsthand how insomnia and exhaustion promote diabetes and obesity. He could tell which of his patients were struggling with sleep just by reviewing their charts.

And now, to address this critical element of health, he’s put together an entire protocol of information designed to help you finally get the best night’s sleep of your life.

Here is just some of what you’ll discover…

  • What your doctor ISN’T telling you about those so-called “sleep aids.” See why they don’t really work anyway…and why they could be at fault in nearly 320,000 early deaths every single year. Plus, you’ll find out which popular OTC sleep aids can cause dementia!
  • The root cause of insomnia that’s as American as apple pie. Take Dr. Pescatore’s 8-question quiz to see if THIS is what’s keeping you awake at night…and two simple tests that can confirm the diagnosis.
  • 3 MUST-HAVE foods for all-night sleep and all-day energy. See why what you eat during the day really does matter at night—and how you can stop fatigue from sabotaging your diet.
  • The biggest metabolism mistake you’re making…and how it’s sabotaging your sleep night after night. NOTE: This is critically important for you if you’re getting less than 5 hours of shut-eye.
  • 5 nutrients EVERY insomniac needs…and where to get them. You’ll learn exactly how much to take and when to take them.
  • The #1 solution for chronic fatigue that can improve 6 of the most stubborn symptoms. (Bonus! It can also slash joint pain in HALF!)
  • The key to getting good sleep in a bad situation. This simple solution can help you block out distractions even better than ear plugs and an eye mask!
  • And so much more!

Dr. Pescatore’s Perfect Sleep Protocol features 11 easy and information-packed lessons using OmniVista Health Learning’s innovative interface.

PLUS, each scholar receives 4 volumes of supplemental reports and 4 exclusive bonus lessons!

Don’t miss this chance to let one of America’s most renowned doctors show you the vital information that could help give a sound night’s sleep.

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