Male Diabetic Checking Blood Sugar Levels

Why it’s crucial to keep your blood sugar low — but not too low

Controlling blood sugar is, of course, important. For anyone concerned about getting — and staying — healthy. But especially for diabetics. Diabetics have a substantially increased risk of cardiovascular complications. And as a recent study shows, it all ties back to optimal blood sugar control. The key word here is “optimal”… Researchers found that in […]


Slash your risk of early death by 30 percent with the right “dose” of exercise

From the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk In 2013, about 54 million Americans went running at least once, and nearly 30 million ran 50 times or more. Many of these people weren’t just jogging around the block. Over half a million finished a marathon (26.2 miles) and nearly 2 million completed a half-marathon. This may […]

Get a younger, healthier brain in less than 30 minutes

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk It’s no secret that the practice of meditation brings a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. But for centuries, people who meditate regularly have also reported cognitive benefits and psychological improvements that persist throughout the day — and perhaps throughout a lifetime. Now, research backs up those reports, offering […]

Allergy Relief

URGENT Health Alert: Popular allergy drugs skyrocket dementia risk by more than 50%

by Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. With the fall allergy season upon us again, there is some important news you need to know. A large, recent study provides the strongest evidence yet that popular over-the-counter allergy drugs like Benadryl and Chlor-Trimeton may substantially increase the risk of dementia in older adults. By as much as 54 […]

medication  and insulin syringe

The truth about statins and diabetes

by Fred Pescatore, M.D. Statins rank as one of my most despised drug classes of all time. These drugs have traditionally been prescribed to patients with high cholesterol, in an effort to lower it. And yes, for whatever it’s worth, statins are great at lowering cholesterol. But usually not without paying a price. Statins have been […]


Strengthen your immune defense against colon cancer with a single vitamin

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk A recent study conducted at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute shows vitamin D can lower the risk of colorectal cancer by boosting your body’s immune response against tumor cells. The researchers looked at data from 170,000 participants in two long-term research projects: the Nurses’ Health Study and Health Professionals Follow-up Study. […]


Get your workout at work — without even leaving your desk

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates lack of physical activity is actually the 4th leading cause of mortality, killing roughly 3.3 million people every year. And evidence is increasing that people who sit for most of the day are still at an increased risk for serious health problems […]

Drugs Abuse

Antidepressants cause 15 times more suicides than FDA reports

by Marc Micozzi, M.D., Ph. D. Denmark-based researcher Dr. Peter C. Gotzsche recently made waves with a hard-hitting editorial published in the prestigious British Medical Journal. In the essay, Dr. Gotzsche criticized accepted data on antidepressants and other common psychiatric drugs. According to Gotzsche, when you closely examine the data, these drugs are far less effective and far […]

fresh vegetables

The Mediterranean Diet has a surprising new benefit

by Fred Pescatore, M.D. The topic of brain health comes up almost on a daily basis in my practice. My patients want to keep their brains, as well as their bodies, young well into their golden years. And who doesn’t, for that matter? Because it’s a sad but true fact that nothing ages you faster […]

Can dining like a dolphin lower your diabetes risk?

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk According to a study led by the National Marine Mammal Foundation (NMMF), bottlenose dolphins showed they could develop metabolic syndrome that mimics pre-diabetes in humans. And it turns out a lack of one particular type of fat may be the cause. Although humans aren’t really that closely related […]