Getting a good night’s sleep is as simple as a walk in the park

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk Researchers recently found that people who have access to any kind of natural surrounding — whether it’s the beach, a park, a nature trail, or a garden — slept better at night. This study was a collaborative effort from the University of Illinois and the New York University […]

Stave off dementia with vitamin E

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk Plenty of research shows that vitamin E is important for brain function. But new studies are proving just how essential this key nutrient is as we get older. In fact, one study shows that vitamin E can work even better than a common dementia drug in people with […]

Cut your Type II diabetes risk in half

by Marc Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. Many people feel drinking coffee — like drinking alcohol — is a guilty pleasure. Or even a vice. Well — it’s again time to shed the guilt and the myths and look at the science. A new study shows men and women who drink moderate amounts of coffee run a […]

The earliest test yet for detecting Alzheimer’s

by Fred Pescatore, M.D. I have patients coming to me on a daily basis asking for the best ways to ward off one of the most troubling — yet most common — symptoms of aging: memory loss. So I’m excited to tell you about a new breakthrough for the scariest form of memory loss: Alzheimer’s […]


The diet soda trade-off you can’t afford to make

From the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study recently that focused on diet drinks and their effects on weight loss. For the six-month study, researchers recruited 318 overweight and obese adults. One-third of the group drank water. Another third drank diet drinks. And the rest made dietary […]

diabetes complications

Diabetes increases deadly cancer risk by 80 percent

From the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk A recent study in the journal Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism shows that diabetes increases your risk of one of the deadliest, most painful types of cancer there is. Pancreatic cancer. Researchers found that people with diabetes are 80 percent more likely to get this terrible disease. Add pancreatitis (a common […]

Three stages of coffee preparation

Four simple steps for avoiding Alzheimer’s disease

By Marc S. Micozzi, M.D., Ph.D. In the first-ever comprehensive analysis on Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) risk factors, researchers found four dietary factors offer strong protection against AD: coffee, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Let’s go through them one at a time to review the main points: Coffee Many studies show drinking three to four […]

Male Diabetic Checking Blood Sugar Levels

Why it’s crucial to keep your blood sugar low — but not too low

Controlling blood sugar is, of course, important. For anyone concerned about getting — and staying — healthy. But especially for diabetics. Diabetics have a substantially increased risk of cardiovascular complications. And as a recent study shows, it all ties back to optimal blood sugar control. The key word here is “optimal”… Researchers found that in […]


Slash your risk of early death by 30 percent with the right “dose” of exercise

From the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk In 2013, about 54 million Americans went running at least once, and nearly 30 million ran 50 times or more. Many of these people weren’t just jogging around the block. Over half a million finished a marathon (26.2 miles) and nearly 2 million completed a half-marathon. This may […]

Get a younger, healthier brain in less than 30 minutes

from the OmniVista Health Learning News Desk It’s no secret that the practice of meditation brings a sense of peacefulness and relaxation. But for centuries, people who meditate regularly have also reported cognitive benefits and psychological improvements that persist throughout the day — and perhaps throughout a lifetime. Now, research backs up those reports, offering […]