Douse the flame of arthritis with this joint-hydrating desert herb

Approximately 60% of the human body is made up of water. It is essential in the function and makeup of our bodies. And it may seem like an unlikely association, but dehydration may be the root cause behind your joint paint. (More on that in just a moment…) Of course, when you feel dehydrated, chances […]

Your top five herbs for kicking cancer to the curb

Conventional doctors more often than not bring out the heavy artillery when it comes to fighting cancer. And this typically comes in the form of major surgery and/or highly toxic chemotherapy and radiation treatment. So treating cancer with herbal remedies might seem like you’re trying to bring down Goliath with a peashooter. But as research […]

Mother Nature’s secret for deep, whole-body stress relief

When stress rears its ugly head, it can take a terrible toll on your body, mind, and longevity. But stress can also be calmed when you harness an ancient secret that most conventional doctors have never even heard of. Earlier this week I told you how chronic stress can wreck your metabolism and sharply boost […]

This popular side dish will send your blood pressure soaring

If you’re trying to control your blood pressure (BP) without drugs, you’ll want to avoid one popular food that can instantly undo all of your hard work. Of course, most conventional doctors will advise you to cut salt out of your diet (which in actuality, won’t have that much of an effect on your BP). […]

These daily de-stressing techniques can save your life

Constant daily stress could be putting you on the fast track for a type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Scientists are finding that stress plays a more central role in the development of disease, especially if your stress is triggered every day. Fortunately, there are a multitude of highly-effective, drug-free “de-stressing” techniques you can start today. Especially […]

The memory-stealing drug disguised as a Big Pharma bestseller

You may have heard that high cholesterol causes dementia and Alzheimer’s. This is one of the biggest dietary myths of our time. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Your brain actually needs cholesterol to work properly. So if you take a statin drug, I need you to heed this warning: Forcing your cholesterol levels […]

The deadly dietary advice mainstream docs are giving cancer patients

If you want to beat cancer before it starts, or if you’ve received a cancer diagnosis and you’re committed to beating it, there’s no better place to begin than at your dinner table. But many anti-cancer dietary strategies are loaded with misinformation that can easily lead you down a deadly path. This is especially true […]

Hormonal dysregulation can wreck your joints

Has your doctor warned you about the joint-eroding “arthritis hormone?” If not, read on and I’ll tell you all about its role in joint pain — and how you can remedy it. If you suffer from chronic arthritis — especially pain that doesn’t respond to natural treatments — you might have a problem with leptin. […]

The simple blood test that could save your life

The next time you go to the doctor, don’t leave his or her office without a plan to have your blood drawn to check your triglyceride level. This test is a must, because the results of your blood analysis will reveal not only your level of triglycerides (a dangerous blood fat), but also your risk […]

Say goodbye to “senior moments” by remedying a simple mineral deficiency

When it comes to keeping your brain healthy and sharp, one superstar mineral often gets overlooked. The mineral? Magnesium… and it’s a superstar because it’s readily available in many common foods, and provides important benefits beyond brain health. But unfortunately, there’s a very good chance you’re magnesium deficient. Reversing magnesium deficiency Fortunately, the key to […]