The shocking stroke and heart risk your doctor isn’t telling you about

If you made a New Year’s resolution for 2019 and it’s already on the rocks, here’s one you can start today and easily stick to: Lowering your homocysteine level. Granted, I know it’s unlikely that this goal made it onto your resolutions list, but it just might be the best one you’ve ever made. And […]

The simple, cost-free “sitting secret” that prevents memory loss

Everyone is forgetful at times. And you’ll likely find that you grow more and more forgetful after reaching a certain age. For some, this is the first signal of approaching dementia, but for most of us it won’t snowball into a major problem. Still, nobody wants to lose even a little bit of their cognitive […]

Is there a ticking time bomb of cancer risk in your liver?

If you’re a Baby Boomer, you’re at higher risk of liver cancer compared to the rest of the population. This is due to another health risk: hepatitis C (I’ll explain why in a moment). If neither of the criteria above applies to you, I’m sorry to say, but you’re not out of the woods. Not […]

Solve chronic sleep problems by “rebooting” these two glands

Do you ever feel so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open, but then have trouble falling asleep after you crawl into bed? And after you finally get to sleep, do you often wake up in the middle of the night and find it nearly impossible to get back to sleep? During the day, […]

The grave dangers linked to this popular arthritis pain drug

If you suffer from chronic arthritis pain, you’ve probably tried a variety of remedies to find some relief. You might have even turned to a drug that promises pain relief, despite the fact that it has no anti-inflammatory effect. I’m talking about acetaminophen — best known as Tylenol® . And what you don’t know about […]

Avoid this deficiency — especially if you take metformin

If you have type 2 diabetes and are searching for natural solutions to manage your blood sugar, you might be surprised to know that many naturopathic doctors will recommend a diabetes drug. Sure, there are many non-drug approaches at your disposal. However, one drug stands out amongst the rest due to its time-tested efficacy and […]

Eliminate the No. 1 debilitating side effect of statin drugs

If you’re currently taking a cholesterol-lowering statin drug and experiencing muscle pain as a side effect, there are three things you need to know: You’re not alone. That aching muscle pain is the symptom of a far more dangerous problem. Your doctor should be taking better care of you. Let me explain… Muscle pain is […]

This seemingly “healthy” choice can derail weight loss success

It’s that time of year again — millions of people have made resolutions to lose weight and improve their health. Unfortunately, we know how these often tend to go. In spite of all the plans and willpower, a majority of weight-loss efforts still fail. One of the key culprits behind those failures is something that […]

The life-saving cancer breakthrough you’ve never heard of

In just the past few years, mainstream medicine has made a major advancement in one type of cancer prevention. Unfortunately, most people are completely in the dark. This breakthrough has been shown to be particularly effective in preventing lung cancer. And to my delight, it doesn’t concern a drug, but rather, a simple screening. And […]

When the body hurts, so does the mind. Relieve both—naturally

Chronic pain often triggers another chronic condition: depression. This link was confirmed by a large study from Columbia University, which referred to this common situation as the “dual burden” of physical and mental dysfunction. Unfortunately, the conventional approach to treatment is all too predictable. Clinicians are convinced that by treating depression with powerful antidepressant drugs, […]