The single-food secret to reeling in prostate protection

You hear a lot of buzz about superfoods these days, and as you can imagine, many of them don’t live up to the hype. But there’s one you should take seriously. Especially if you’re a man in search of effective prostate protection. Because this superfood is a natural powerhouse of omega-3 fatty acids and other […]

Avoid unnecessary effects from the damaging cancer drug used to treat arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is one of the cruelest, most painful chronic conditions around. And if you suffer from RA, you know exactly what I mean… Most arthritis patients have osteoarthritis, which is the painful damage caused by wear and tear in joints. But RA is different… And while it’s classified as “arthritis,” RA is in […]

Safeguard your brain against one destructive, memory robbing culprit

If you’ve been a longtime reader of this newsletter, you know that reducing chronic inflammation is essential for overall health. But reducing the equally damaging neuro-inflammation that occurs in your brain requires a much more unique approach. Research reveals that cooling brain inflammation is vital for preserving your cognitive function and memory. And in order […]

An affordable, non-invasive, age-erasing regimen backed by science

Supplementing with vitamins and minerals can help slash your risk of every major chronic and degenerative disease. Sounds pretty great, right? But wait! There’s more… New research reveals that certain vitamins and minerals can help you slow down biological aging. Now we’re talking! To promote a longer life with excellent health, let’s look at some […]

Your secret weapon in the war against belly fat

The belly fat that typically arrives with middle age shouldn’t be written off as just “one of those things” that comes along with aging. In reality, this type of fat is a huge challenge to your health.  In fact, it’s downright dangerous. So if your middle has started to expand, it’s time to take steps […]

Women: Beware of the menopausal condition that sends heart disease risk skyrocketing

Remember when heart disease was a condition thought to mostly affect older men? For some reason, it took doctors a while to realize that their female patients were developing heart disease too — and at a much higher rate! As we now know, this danger is profound. In fact, women’s mortality from heart disease is […]

The red-hot remedy for arthritis and neuropathy relief

Arthritis sometimes delivers a double dose of pain: Aching joints, that are accompanied by peripheral neuropathy. This condition refers to nerve damage pain in your hands or feet, that ranges anywhere from numbness and tingling, to burning, sharp, stinging zaps. Peripheral neuropathy is most closely associated with diabetes. But this specific type of pain is […]

Will you live a long, healthy life? Here’s how to predict the answer…

What’s the secret to a long life? According to the latest research, it’s something so simple and natural, that you probably rarely ever think about it: Your gait speed. In other words, how quickly and well you walk at a comfortable pace. I’ll reveal the why behind this in just a moment… But first, know […]

Preserve those precious brain cells by boosting one all-important nutrient

When your car runs low on oil, you top it off with a fresh quart and you’re good to go. And when your brain is low on a key neurotransmitter, you can do the same thing: Simply replenish your supply and your memories are safe for another thousand miles… This “oil” for your brain is […]

The fatigue-fighting secret found within French oak trees

Whenever the medical mainstream is stumped about how to treat a condition, they’re more than happy to prescribe drugs, in a blind effort to treat any symptoms and hope for the best. Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a perfect example. Do you suffer from constant, daily fatigue — one that won’t go away even after […]