The delicious cooking oil that can save your heart [It’s NOT olive oil]

Olive oil may have stolen the spotlight when it comes to healthy cooking oils. But it turns out there’s another oil that offers just as many benefits—if not more. In fact, macadamia nut oil has been a staple in Dr. Fred Pescatore’s kitchen for years. Not only does macadamia nut oil have a delicious, rich […]

Have you been exposed to these memory-stealing toxins?

In a brand-new study published last month in JAMA Neurology, scientists with the Memory and Aging Center at the University of California have uncovered a common culprit behind the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD)… Using PET scans to examine more than 18,000 participants who had cognitive impairment, researchers found that those who lived in areas […]

Doctor-approved drug lowers blood sugar AND improves gut health

When addressing health concerns, Dr. Marc Micozzi has always favored natural remedies over prescription drugs. But he makes an exception for one medication—metformin. Metformin is a first-line Type II diabetes drug. But according to Dr. Micozzi, metformin behaves more like a botanical in the body than a prescription drug. In fact—unlike most mainstream diabetes drugs—metformin […]

Does this volcanic gemstone hold the key to Alzheimer’s prevention?

There’s one overlooked—and understudied—mineral that could prevent the devasting symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease: Low-dose lithium. Lithium comes from peculiar gemstones forged during ancient volcanic eruptions. You may recognize lithium as a drug prescribed for bipolar disorder. And, yes, in high doses of 150 to 1,800 mg, lithium is a medication. But as certified health coach […]

Fight cancer with a very different kind of fish oil

Here’s an odd fact—sharks almost never get cancer. In fact, they seem to enjoy a resistance to diseases and infections of all sorts. But according to Dr. Fred Pescatore, this isn’t too surprising. Shark liver oil is packed with high amounts of two unique compounds: alkylglycerols—or AKGs—and squalene. And they both offer some impressive anti-cancer […]

Keep your gut healthy—without taking a single probiotic

It’s estimated that there are 100 trillion microbes normally present in the gastrointestinal tract, or what scientists call the “GI microbiome.” And the GI microbiome plays a hugely important role in human health. It plays an essential role in controlling inflammation—which, I’ve said before, is the main culprit behind heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, autoimmune […]

How to ditch the No. 1 cause of deadly heart disease

The fact is sugar kills. That’s been Dr. Fred Pescatore’s motto for years. And for good reason. Sugar is the No.1 cause of oxidative stress on your heart and arteries. The No. 1 cause of deadly inflammation. And the No. 1 cause of heart disease. And Dr. Pescatore’s Ultimate Heart-Protection Protocol, he sets the record […]

Chronic pain and depression go hand-in-hand—here’s how to fix both

A new survey out of Columbia University confirms the connection between a painful body and painful emotions. The researchers interviewed more than 5,000 adults with depression, anxiety, or another mood disorder—and about half of them also suffered from chronic pain. The researchers call it the “dual burden” of physical and mental illness. And it highlights […]

The mysterious mind-body approach that lowers blood sugar

Despite its somewhat mysterious quality—and its occasional use in some decidedly unscientific quarters—hypnosis has finally earned a well-deserved place in modern medicine. As Dr. Marc Micozzi’s explains in his Integrative Protocol for Defeating Diabetes, “I’ve seen it do some truly remarkable things and think it can be one of the best treatment options there is. […]

Disease-causing toxins are everywhere—here’s how to protect yourself

Environmental toxins are everywhere. They’re in our food, our water, the air that we breathe and even in our household products and cleaners. The fact is, we’re all swimming in a toxic soup every day. And as Dr. Fred Pescatore explains in his Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol, these all-too-common toxins could have a serious impact on […]