The essential antioxidants your body can’t live without

Antioxidants are perhaps the most important anti-aging tools in existence. Simply put, antioxidants are your body’s natural weapons against damaging reactive oxygen species (ROS), better known as free radicals. Free radicals are unstable, rogue molecules with unpaired electrons that roam your body looking to “steal” new electrons from nearby molecules. In other words, they wreak […]

Why you should reject ALL new diabetes drugs

For years now, Dr, Marc Micozzi has rejected all new and expensive diabetes drugs that hit the market. And he thinks you should too—with very good reason… In his Integrative Protocol for Defeating Diabetes, Dr. Micozzi cites a study revealing that 90 percent of all drugs approved by the FDA over the past three decades […]

The simple blood test that could save your vision

As I’ve mentioned before, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of blindness in U.S. adults. This condition slowly but surely destroys the macula, the central section of the retina that generates sharp vision. And unfortunately, there are often no warning signs or symptoms of this disease until it’s too late. But one simple […]

The common kitchen spice that cools inflammation and prevents disease

According to Dr. Marc Micozzi, black pepper is the unsung hero of therapeutic spices. “It’s much more than a simple flavor enhancer,” he says. “In fact, it offers a multitude of amazing health benefits—including its ability to battle chronic inflammation.” And as research has shown, chronic inflammation is linked to all the major diseases, including […]

The bone-strengthening mineral that can slash arthritis risk in HALF

Over the years, research has emerged showing that magnesium plays an important role in maintaining healthy bones. And now, Dr. Marc Micozzi says, science also suggests magnesium may be especially powerful at preventing arthritis. Dr. Micozzi cites a revealing study in his Arthritis Relief and Reversal Protocol… Researchers at the University of North Carolina at […]

The hidden cause of dry eye (and the no-cost, easy solution)

According to eye doctors, the No. 1 complaint they hear from their patients is not blurry, fading vision—but irritating dry eyes. If you suffer from dry eye, you probably know the symptoms include stinging, burning, grittiness and itching in the eyes, along with sensitivity to light. You could have redness and blurred vision, too. But […]

A cup (or more) a day keeps cancer away

Feel guilty every time you drink your morning cup of coffee? Enough already! Enjoy that hot cup of joe (or two, or three), because the latest research offers more than a few reasons to indulge in this particular “vice”—including preventing cancer. In his Essential Cancer Protocol, Dr. Fred Pescatore cites a study where scientists analyzed […]

Side effect-free vitamin works just as well as asthma drugs

If you have asthma, this upcoming flu season might feel like you’re tiptoeing through a minefield. Not only can the flu trigger asthma attacks, having asthma also increases your risk of developing a severe case of COVID-19. To help you through this perilous season, Dr. Marc Micozzi has one very important tip for asthma sufferers: […]

Research shows: The right amount of alcohol can save your life

Despite the forever changing recommendations from mainstream medicine, Dr. Marc Micozzi has long believed that moderate alcohol consumption is very beneficial to your health—especially your heart. In the Ultimate Stress Protocol, Dr. Micozzi discusses a meta-analysis which showed that moderate drinking appears to protect men and women with high blood pressure from heart disease and […]

The secret to wrinkle-free skin starts in your stomach

This might sound odd, but research shows that the key to youthful-looking skin actually lies in your stomach. Or more specifically—what you put into it and what you don’t. As Dr. Fred Pescatore explains in his Ultimate Anti-Aging Protocol, the wrong food choices cause inflammation right down to the cellular level. Slowly but surely, that […]