This ridiculously easy trick enhances brain health and keeps dementia at bay

One of the easiest ways to promote brain health and reduce your risk of dementia is to strengthen your muscles. Huh?! I know upon first glance, this might seem like an odd strategy to support and nourish your cognition…but the link between muscle health and brain health couldn’t be simpler. It’s all about your blood […]

Don’t fall victim to America’s most fatal pastime

Do you have favorite TV shows you never miss, or do you like to unwind at the end of the day with a long session on the couch, flipping through the channels or bingeing a few Netflix episodes? If so, you might be shocked to learn that your risk of developing diabetes is on the […]

The sound-centric secrets for breaking the deadly cycle of chronic stress

Chronic stress isn’t a singular health risk — it’s like a dozen dangerous health risks, all targeting the critical systems of your body. And chronic stress isn’t a “silent” killer, either. If you’re paying attention to your body, then you’re well aware of chronically high stress levels. Are you having trouble sleeping? Do you crave […]

The popular summer fruit that stalls aging AND prevents cancer

One of the most exciting new areas of cancer research is exploring how you can prevent cancer before it starts — in fact, way before it starts — by simply ridding your body of a particular nuisance that’s guaranteed to trigger inflammation, damage cells, and set up a breeding ground for cancer growth. To gain […]

10 heart-harming threats that are WORSE than cholesterol

If you’ve been unsuccessful in lowering your LDL cholesterol with statin drugs, you’re not the only one. In fact, you’re far from it… This method of treatment has failed to work for hundreds of thousands of people. But doctors keep pushing these drugs onto their patients. And yet another study demonstrates why you should ditch […]

The simple, five-step method to easily losing weight — for good

If you’re struggling to lose weight, it’s most likely because you’re failing to do these five simple, but crucial, steps. That’s right… all you need to do to melt those extra pounds are five, easy things. Two things to add, two things to subtract, and one piece of sound advice. Follow these steps, and you’ll […]

Rejuvenated, pain-free joints are as easy as A-B-C

Arthritis is more than just a battle with joint pain… It’s really a war against inflammation. If you’ve been a reader of mine for a while now, you know that when inflammation is reduced, pain relief is sure to follow. But when arthritis pain is chronic — as it so often is — then the […]

Is chronic pain making you depressed? Calm both without a single drug.

For some people, chronic pain and depression go hand-in-hand. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to maintain a positive outlook if nagging joint pain or daily headaches are commanding so much of your attention. So it makes sense that conventional doctors often prescribe antidepressants to their chronic pain patients — since they rely so heavily on […]

Meet the modest mushroom extract that can squash cancer

Cancer patients about to undergo chemotherapy or radiation are made fully aware by their doctors of all the grueling, unpleasant side effects they’re likely to endure. But I wonder how many doctors make them equally aware of all the natural options available for reducing the intensity or duration of these powerful treatments’ adverse effects? There’s […]

Men: If erectile dysfunction has become your new normal…let’s talk!

Most men aren’t quick to talk about the very common issue of erectile dysfunction (ED). And for good reason… It’s a condition that can negatively impact a man’s happiness and well-being. But I’m here today to tell you that there’s a wealth of simple, non-drug solutions to treat this condition and get you back in […]