The Essential Age-Eraser Protocol Course Summary

American medicine is built on a “sick care” system.

Today, more than HALF of all Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. And we’re not just growing sicker in spite of mainstream medicine’s “help” – “medical error” is the third leading cause of death in the U.S.

So if you’re sick, mainstream medicine is more likely to KILL you than CURE you.

Plus, you’ll PAY for the privilege. Shockingly, Americans spend $3.5 trillion on health care every year – nearly 20% of our ENTIRE economy.

Clearly, Big Pharma’s conveyer belt of prescription pills is NOT the answer – especially when there are safe, natural, and inexpensive alternatives that can help rejuvenate and revitalize virtually every aspect of your health.

Truth is, being strong and healthy is your body’s natural state. And now, it’s easier to achieve than you might think — with a little expert guidance from author and health coach Bill Gottlieb.

He’s spent a lifetime helping people achieve true health and longevity. And after doing his own research over the last 30-plus years, he’s convinced that “aging isn’t the irreversible affliction we thought it was.”

Bill has discovered a world of effective natural options that can kick “old age” to the curb – and have you feeling more energetic and enthusiastic than you have in YEARS.

And now, he has compiled all of the most breathtaking discoveries on longevity and aging into one comprehensive online learning protocol… The Essential Age-Eraser Protocol: Quick and simple secrets to rejuvenate your body, feel years younger, and defend against disease. And it’s all laid out in simple step-by-step detail.

He gives you all the information you need on exactly how to tap into lifelong youthfulness, with dozens of science-backed approaches for staying vibrant and active, looking and feeling years younger, and defending against deadly disease. They include…

  • The breakthrough “Rescue molecules” that actually turned old mice cells young again in one study—in a matter of hours
  • The peculiar longevity gemstone that skyrockets longevity and helps renew youth almost instantly in animal studies. (And it turns out, humans NEED this forgotten mineral to thrive in their golden years too!)
  • The ONE natural life-changer that slashes the risk of 7 of the DEADLIEST cancers
  • Wrinkle-reversing secrets for supple, ageless skin
  • And dozens more age-rewinding secrets YOU can use to stay healthy and vibrant well into your golden years — and for decades to come.

You see, Bill knows the simple fact is that age, NOT genetics, is the BIGGEST driver of disease.

For example, the single-greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s isn’t your genes – it’s how old you are. After 65, your risk of Alzheimer’s DOUBLES every five years. Advanced age is also the most important risk factor for cancer, heart disease, and dozens of other deadly diseases.

But Bill’s age-erasing protocol targets ALL of these major health concerns in one fell swoop… because the information it contains addresses the common denominator driving them — aging itself.

Bill Gottlieb’s Essential Age-Eraser Protocol contains over four and a half hours of comprehensive information to help stop the “symptom spiral” of old age, once and for all. It’s broken down into 37 easy-to-follow lessons (about 10 minutes each) that allow you to go at your own pace.

The protocol also comes with 10 free online reports. You can download and print them at any time. These reports highlight the most important points of each lesson, as well as additional research and recommendations.

And protocol scholars also have a unique opportunity to attend an exclusive online Q&A session with Bill Gottlieb. In this session, Bill will answer questions about the protocol, as well as discuss the latest research that’s come to light.

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