What our healing protocols can do for you

When your doctors say “there’s nothing more you can do”—don’t believe it!

Today’s killer diseases are ALL affected by lifestyle factors. Diet, exercise, stress, toxic exposure, nutritionally-devoid foods, insufficient sleep, lack of companionship, and more…

Addressing any one of these factors can help improve symptoms… But imagine the profound effects you’ll feel if you address them ALL—especially those most related to your illness. But which are most important? And where do you begin?

There are countless approaches to natural health and healing. And when you do it right, many of today’s killer diseases can be prevented and even reversed. But who do you turn to, and where do you start? Your search is finally over…

Your path to health and healing starts here!

OmniVista Health Learning has partnered with today’s leading experts in nutritional and lifestyle approaches to healing. Our doctors have helped thousands of patients reverse their symptoms and return to vibrant health…treating everything from Alzheimer’s disease to weight loss.

And now, you can have access to the very same, step-by-step protocols our experts have developed for their patients. Our unique, online learning platform allows them to walk you through each recommendation in their own voice…so they can share their own experience and the science behind their protocols. In a way you can fully understand, as if you were sitting in the office with them.

Each protocol consists of a series of pre-recorded audio-visual lessons so you can log in anytime and go at your own pace. Optional review questions follow each lesson, to help you remember the key points. And you can download and print complementary reports to refer back to anytime when you’re not online. Should you have any questions, you can ask anytime on the Discussion Board, where you can also read what others are talking about…as if you were sitting in a classroom together.

Each protocol will leave you with a complete, step-by-step plan of action…covering all aspects of diet, nutrition, lifestyle, and even environmental factors. From how much exercise you really need to exactly which supplements to take, how much and when.

You’ll understand exactly what you can do—beyond drugs and surgery—to restore and maintain vibrant health for a lifetime.

About OmniVista Health Learning (a division of OmniVista Health, LLC)

When it comes to health and wellness…more people today than ever before are opening their eyes to alternative therapies. Over one third of U.S. adults use some form of complementary and alternative medicine.

And it’s no wonder…

Healthcare costs are hitting all-time highs. While current and future generations are facing frightening financial times. At the same time, insurance companies continue to force patients and doctors through an endless maze of roadblocks. Often leaving unsatisfied and sicker patients in their wake. All thanks to the side-effect laden mainstream “treatments” of drugs and surgery.

People are finally getting fed up!

At the same time, the complementary and alternative medicine industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past three decades. Therapies once considered “new age” and “fringe” are now recommended by conventional doctors. And accessibility to alternatives can be as easy as going to the grocery store.

But with all the increased interest, attention, and accessibility comes even more conflicting information and confusion. Whose opinion can you trust? What products are worth your time or a waste of money? Can they really work or are they dangerous?

Mainstream media coverage lacks the authority and detail to provide safe and actionable advice…do we really want to make decisions regarding our health based on the latest “as-seen-on-TV” magic bullets or magazine headlines?

OmniVista Health was launched to bring a fresh, authoritative perspective to natural medicine—to provide trustworthy direction to the millions of aging consumers trying to cut through the clutter and take control of their own health.

Our newsletters, books, and products are based on the expert, clinical experience and research of our doctors and editors; on insights from thought-leaders who provide living proof of their recommendations; and on innovators of the natural-health industry who have helped build it to what it is today.

Our goal is to put the boundless power of natural health and healing into your hands. To give our readers all the information and tools they need to live long, active, drug-free, and disease-free lives.

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