One supercharged herbal helper can improve your mental function in a flash

There’s one little-known herbal secret that can help you: Banish “senior moments” Improve your memory Decrease anxiety Brighten your mood Improve focus and concentration The best part is, you can experience all of these benefits in as little as an hour—and with no more effort than it takes to brew a simple cup of tea! […]

Recruit this unlikely helper in your plan to lose weight and keep it off

This holiday season, I suggest buying yourself a little something, too: a new a bathroom scale. Now, that might not seem like a stellar present. But in reality, your scale is your friend. And if you use it correctly, it can become one of your most powerful allies in any weight-management or weight-loss program. So […]

Pulling apart the major dietary myths linked to prostate cancer

Today I’m going to bust a myth about dietary fats. And I’ll also tell you why this myth is so stubbornly embraced by doctors and the mainstream media. The myth: Dietary fat causes prostate cancer. And women, even though the emphasis is on prostate cancer, you’ll find what I have to say today useful too, […]

Should you get the pneumonia vaccine? Know the major risks before you decide.

If you’ve ever had pneumonia, one thing is certain: You never want it again. Imagine the worst flu you’ve ever had. Now multiply that by three. I’ll never forget the time I developed pneumonia years ago, right after the birth of my first child. It was a classic case of being overworked and overwhelmed while […]

How to tame the maddening monster terrorizing your heart health

If you’re regularly exercising, avoiding sugar, and getting plenty of sleep, you’re making all the right moves to keep your heart healthy. But there’s one more thing your heart desperately wants: for you to stop stressing so much. Now I know reducing stress might seem like a monumental task in the high-paced world we live […]

Will your doctor spot the red flags that signal prediabetes?

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with prediabetes, don’t panic. But don’t simply shrug it off, either. Instead, consider it both a warning sign and your golden opportunity to avoid a much more serious diagnosis: type 2 diabetes. A diagnosis that will change your life forever and put you at risk for many other serious chronic […]

This 3-question quiz could rescue you from an Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Early detection of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) can be critical, giving patients a chance to slow—and in some cases even reverse—the progression of the disease. In Dr. Marc Micozzi’s Complete Alzheimer’s Prevention and Repair Protocol, he points out three key questions you should ask yourself to determine if you’re exhibiting early AD warning signs. But first, […]

Your heart will beat a bit faster (and healthier) for this sweet treat

Everybody needs a little treat now and then, and that includes your heart. The next time you’re craving something sweet, opt for a bowl of sweet berries with a generous dollop of whipped cream. The secret is all in how this tiny fruit works to sideline free radicals while calming inflammation. Two handfuls a day […]

Why this “memory erosion” preventative is worth its weight in gold

Who doesn’t want to protect their brain from cognitive decline? Fortunately, you can take steps—starting today—that will not only help you avoid the cruel fate of dementia, but can actually improve your mental state, and even brighten your mood. The secret to this rejuvenation of mental clarity can be found in an exotic spice that’s […]

How to know your risk of developing a major chronic disease

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one, simple test you could take to get a full picture of your overall health? Of course, there are hundreds of tests available to analyze virtually every health marker. But all those testing costs can add up fairly quickly. And then you have the challenge of interpreting all […]