Men, beware of these dangerous drugs intended to treat an enlarged prostate

Overweight men with elevated blood sugar need to watch out for a major, unexpected risk… Of course, carrying around some extra weight and having high blood sugar are two metabolic issues that obviously put men at higher risk of type 2 diabetes. But what’s less apparent is a second risk you might never imagine would […]

I’ve got a bone to pick with these popular health myths

I want you to forget everything you know about bone health. That’s because most of the commonly accepted “facts” about our bones and how to care for them aren’t true. For instance: Osteoporosis is considered a women’s health issue, when in actuality, approximately one in four men over age 50 experiences an osteoporosis-related fracture. Today, […]

The best approach for shingles treatment is one most doctors fail to recommend

About one million Americans per year are treated for shingles, and the vast majority are over the age of 50. And experts estimate that as many as half of people age 80 and older will experience shingles. That’s a lot of people, so it’s best to be prepared in the event that you develop it […]

How the remains of ancient mummies are helping us prevent heart disease

Paleo-pathologists — scientists who conduct medical examinations of ancient remains — have unearthed evidence that reveals the true driver of heart disease. It’s not cholesterol. It’s not dietary choices, smoking, or even lack of exercise. Each of these certainly play a role, but they’re not the primary cause of heart disease. They actually found that […]

The most astonishing drug side effect in pharmaceutical history: longevity

Taking a pill to extend your lifespan might sound like pie in the sky, but as we speak, scientists are devoting their careers and vast amounts of academic funding to exploring this idea — and turns out, it isn’t such a crazy idea after all… In fact, this miraculous “longevity pill” already exists and has […]

Eliminate a slew of deadly cancers with just five simple steps

If you’ve heard that obesity — or just carrying around a little too much weight — can increase your cancer risk, then you’ve only heard part of the story. In fact, this accepted “truism” might lead someone with a normal body mass index (BMI) to believe they’re not in danger, when the exact opposite might […]

Get the dry out! Five fast and easy ways to overcome annoying dry eye

You might not give much thought to the quality of your tears — unless you develop a condition known as dry eye syndrome. A quality tear contains a balance of water, oil, and mucus, and when these elements are off-balance, it can cause dry eye symptoms, such as: Blurred vision Burning Excessively watery eyes (an […]

Even non-smokers should get this life-saving lung cancer screening

Today I have an insider tip about cancer that could very well save your life. It concerns the deadliest cancer on Earth. And I’m not talking about breast cancer, colorectal cancer, or pancreatic cancer. The cancer that claims more lives every year than any other is lung cancer. And you may be surprised again to […]

The effortless, one-step blueprint for decades of optimal heart health

What’s the easiest thing a woman can do to support her heart health? Exercise daily? Eat lots of veggies? Avoid processed foods and sugar? Each of those strategies will surely protect your heart, so embrace them all! But there’s an even more convenient approach… one that’s so easy, there’s really no excuse not to do […]

The alarming sleeping pill warning scientists pray you (and your doctor) hear

If you’re a senior who uses prescription drugs to help you sleep…it’s time for a serious wake-up call. Just this past spring, I told you about a new FDA alert, in which the agency finally got around to officially warning us that prescription sleep aids are linked with serious, and even deadly, injuries caused by […]