The one simple weapon to defeating this aggressive superbug

Johns Hopkins researchers report that a dreaded “superbug” — Enterococcus faecium — is not only outsmarting the most powerful antibiotics, but has also adapted to alcohol-based hand gels used in hospitals. And this could lead to big trouble… E. faecium is one of the leading causes of hospital-acquired bacterial infections. Both the World Health Organization […]

What you need to know about andropause: The male menopause

“Turn and face the strange ch-ch-ch-changes,” as David Bowie famously sang. There’s good advice hidden in that lyric. When we’re confronted with the strange changes our bodies make at mid-life, it’s best to face them head on. As we now know, age-related hormonal changes aren’t confined to one gender — they’re a human concern and […]

This multimillion dollar flu-prevention plan isn’t worth a dime

When you’re coming down with the flu, there’s no mistaking it. You feel awful, achy, and you have a fever. You don’t need a medical degree to spot the red flags. So you go to bed, drink plenty of fluids, and ride it out until you feel better. People have been doing that for eons. […]

IMPORTANT: Another breast cancer warning — especially for seniors

In recent years, we’ve seen recurring evidence of breast cancer overtreatment. Sometimes it’s chemo, sometimes it’s radiation — and this time, it’s surgery. The newest issue concerning breast cancer treatment is the removal of lymph nodes under the armpits of women with early-stage breast cancer. This procedure is called axillary node dissection, and can result […]

The weird, “down-and-dirty” solution for calming arthritis pain

If you suffer from arthritis pain, you crave fast-acting relief. But considering how dangerous and addictive painkilling medications can be, it can leave those in pain with quite a dilemma. Fortunately, there are much safer options available to you. In fact, a new study reveals how effective one natural — but unorthodox —approach is in […]

Kidney disease is the elephant in the room

Oftentimes, our kidneys take a real beating. After all, they have a pretty big role in keeping our bodies functioning every second of every day. They filter waste from our blood, maintain balance of our bodily fluids, and produce hormones that help regulate blood pressure, promote bone health, and produce red blood cells. Unfortunately, if […]

“One a day” helps keeps cancer away

Cancer prevention may be as easy as swallowing one pill a day. That’s a bold claim, but there’s plenty of evidence to back up this miracle mineral’s cancer-fighting benefits. I’m talking about zinc. And if you aren’t getting enough of it, let this serve as a wake-up call, because the consequences could potentially be deadly. […]

These popular drugs are deathtraps for dementia patients

A new study highlights even more dangers prescription sleep aids pose for dementia patients. It truly blows my mind how a doctor could prescribe these poisons to a patient suffering from this type of brain condition… First of all, forcing sleep by drugging yourself with a powerful sedative is a terrible way to simulate rest. […]

Boost longevity and defeat disease with this simple dietary choice

According to a recent study, one simple adjustment in your weekly diet can help add years to your life. And not only that, but this diet trick also help to eliminate a common health issue many people don’t think much about — despite the key role it plays in promoting a host of chronic diseases. […]

When you’re in the hospital, sleep is a life-saver

I recently visited a friend in the hospital, and to my surprise, he told me he was sleeping well. The concept of a good night’s sleep in a hospital almost doesn’t compute! My friend was lucky to have a room in a modern new hospital wing that seemed to be purposely designed to reduce hallway […]