The natural treatment helping patients battle chemo-resistant cancer

I’m sure that chemotherapy resistance is a tough topic for oncologists to discuss with their patients. Chemo resistance occurs when cancer cells adapt to the attack of the therapy and devise ways to protect themselves. This is also known as multidrug resistance since an oncologist’s primary strategy in overcoming chemo resistance is to use more […]

New research shows a promising dietary solution to Alzheimer’s

Over recent years, it seems mainstream medicine has been determined to give the ketogenic diet a bad name, probably because it doesn’t align with the terrible advice they’ve been doling out to the public for decades. So let me take just a moment right up front to set the record straight: This diet is not […]

The (martial) art of staying healthy while managing COPD

When you’re coping with a disease as serious as chronic pulmonary disease (COPD), you’re going to need some help. The good news is that, with assistance, this incurable disease is manageable for many patients. And that’s a vitally important message considering about 150,000 Americans will die of COPD complications this year. And make no mistake […]

Avoid the common drugs that could rob you of your hearing

Hearing loss can be a real pain. Literally. I struggle with hearing loss myself due to tinnitus — better known as “ringing in the ears.” And while it can be annoying, at least it’s not physically painful for me. Not yet, anyway. But according to a new study, those who suffer from hearing loss (approximately […]

Your dietary supplements are under attack — again!

Well, they’re at it again. Yet another scathing attack on nutritional supplements… Throughout the 15+ years I’ve been researching and writing about health, I’ve read many over-the-top articles attacking dietary supplements. The most recent being a scathing critique published in Kaiser Health News. What’s most disturbing to me is knowing that a casual reader — […]

The Alzheimer’s advice that could cost you your life

If you want to prevent Alzheimer’s disease, do NOT follow the advice of two prominent neuroscientists who seem to think they’ve come up with a flawless plan. They haven’t. To be frank, it’s quite dangerous. More on that in a moment. First, we’ll look at something they’re doing right, which is providing doctors with an […]

The powerful anti-diabetes supplement you can’t afford not to take

If you have type 2 diabetes, if you’re trying to avoid type 2, or even if you’re in perfect health (yes, in other words, I’m talking to everyone) — I’d like to reintroduce you to one of your best allies — vitamin D. If you’re a longtime reader, you’re already quite familiar with the benefits […]

Two critical warnings you NEED to know if you take the No. 1 diabetes drug

The side effects of the type 2 diabetes drug metformin are generally mild. However, I want to bring attention to two notes of caution every metformin user needs to be aware of, especially if you’re just starting the drug. Note 1: Beware of gastrointestinal side effects A friend of mine recently began using metformin. Unfortunately, […]

For sounder sleep, nurture your body’s “stress glands”

The appeal of powerful prescription sleep aids is understandable. After all, they work (for most, at least), and some people even experience a seductive sense of euphoria as they doze off. But the euphoria and the sense of deep “sleep” are both false realities. First of all, pharmaceutical sleep aids likely to leave you worse […]

The toxic chemicals hiding in our food supply

As the saying goes: “Ya gotta eat!” But some new research shows the foods you’re eating could be making you fat — even if you’re making a concerted effort to stick to a healthy diet. This disturbing risk is a result of a class of chemicals called “obesogens.” In Dr. Fred Pescatore’s Metabolic Repair Protocol, […]