The most effective natural way to relieve arthritis pain

Earlier this week I told you about a danger that looms for arthritis patients who have knee and hip surgery. These procedures increase your risk of heart attack as well as blood clots — a risk that lingers long after patients have fully recovered from surgery. And I’m willing to bet that a lot of […]

Thwart your anxiety and depression — without spending a dime

Anxiety and depression are natural parts of the human experience. But only for so long. Of course, we all know that life has ups and downs. However, if you seem to be down way more than you’re up, perhaps it’s time to really consider making some changes. Especially since trying to just “tough it out” […]

How eating MORE fat can help you dodge a diabetic disaster

Oftentimes, patients with prediabetes get thrown to the wolves by their doctors. And it’s truly unfortunate because this is a highly treatable — and even reversible — condition. One that’s not a disease… at least not yet. Instead of getting patients back on a path to better health, conventional doctors jump the gun and treat […]

Why knee or hip replacement surgery could be a matter of life or death

A few weeks ago I told you about the pitfalls of total knee replacement (TKR) surgery. Besides the fact that many of these operations are completely unnecessary, there’s the major unforeseen issue of “revision” surgeries That’s right — TKR isn’t a necessarily “one and done” type of operation. In fact, of the thousands of TKRs […]

The deadly everyday toxin that’s killing your brain

Of all the environmental toxins, glyphosate herbicide is one of the most damaging to your brain. It’s been linked to increased Alzheimer’s risk, as well as higher risk of Parkinson’s disease, depression, and autism. Even more frightening: Your chance of having been repeatedly exposed to glyphosate is extremely high. That’s because it’s the active ingredient […]

The simple, two-step technique for boosting your libido

Men, it’s time to talk about your libido, because it’s not just about sex… Your libido is actually tied to your overall health in ways you might never have considered. When your libido is lagging, you’ll most likely feel a bit “off” — both physically and mentally. And you may have written it off as […]

Beware of unnecessary breast cancer treatment

Each year, over 330,000 American women will receive a terrifying two-word diagnosis from their doctor: “breast cancer.” And whether it’s invasive breast cancer or carcinoma in situ (or CIS — a non-invasive, early form of the disease), it can be a very traumatic experience for a number of reasons. For one, many conventional doctors who […]

Your dementia prevention plan for patching up a “leaky,” vulnerable brain

The latest research confirms a massive Alzheimer’s risk — one that even your doctor is probably unaware of. The risk lies in your blood-brain barrier — the complex system of tiny capillaries lined with specialized cells that allow nutrients into the brain, while blocking out pathogens. Previous research that examined the brains of deceased Alzheimer’s […]

Two simple stress-busters can save you from a blood pressure disaster

By now, you’re probably well aware that stress can trigger dramatic spikes in your blood pressure. These spikes don’t usually last very long. But if your job stresses you out on a daily basis, or if family matters are frequently on a high boil, it can result in a level of unrelieved chronic stress that […]

Protect your precious eyesight from the scourge of diabetes

If you have diabetes, your doctor has probably warned you about side effects like peripheral neuropathy and slow wound healing. But one of the most frightening consequences of this all-too-common disease is something many doctors gloss right over. I’m talking about diabetic retinopathy. And preventing it should rank at the top of every diabetic’s priority […]