Is coffee good for you? The verdict is finally in

If you enjoy a steaming cup of Joe to get your morning started, I’m with you all the way — as are millions of others worldwide. According to the International Coffee Organization, we sip down 1.4 billion cups every day. That sounds like a low estimate to me, but suffice it to say, there’s a […]

Beware of these popular drugs that spike your diabetes risk

If you’re at risk of developing, or have already been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, you’d think your doctor would make every effort to avoid prescribing medications that could increase your risk or cause health complications. But you might be dead wrong. In spite of the diabetic dangers of certain drugs, many doctors prescribe them, […]

Keep your vision sharp with the help of this highly-coveted, savory spice

If the center of your vision ever becomes fuzzy or won’t focus, call your doctor or an eye care professional immediately. This is one of the reddest “red flags” you can come across… The most important word in that last sentence is “immediately.” If you act quickly, time is on your side. And with the […]

Reap the cancer-preventing benefits of this common diabetes drug

There’s no “upside” to type 2 diabetes. There is, however, a hidden benefit in a drug you’re likely taking if you have type 2 diabetes or if you’re pre-diabetic. The drug is metformin, and as I mentioned earlier this week, it controls blood sugar effectively without any major side effects for most users. And there’s […]

Why you should give your brain a “tune-up” — before it’s too late

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could take your brain into the shop for a tune-up, like you do with your car? Drop it off in the morning, pick it up in the evening — and it feels as good as new! If you’ve ever felt like your brain could use a little maintenance, you’re […]

Shed pounds quicker with the fat-fighting power of fiber

Fiber is good for you. There’s no question there. But not many realize how different types of fiber can have different effects on your body. For instance, in an article I sent you last summer, Dr. Michael Murray explained how insoluble fiber (which you find in wheat bran and vegetables) increases the volume and viscosity […]

Don’t waste another dime on these arthritis supplements

If you suffer from joint pain, you might get some relief from taking a few supplements. But what if you found out that relief is mostly due to a placebo effect? Would that put an end to the benefits you felt from those supplements? Maybe. Maybe not. The placebo effect works when a patient is […]

Stunning brain recovery recommendations for stroke survivors

The human body is more resilient than we may realize — and the brain is no exception. After the brain experiences trauma or damage, it gets right to work on repairs. So, if you’re caring for a stroke survivor, know this: New research shows that the brain can indeed make improvements after a stroke, while […]

Three MUST-KNOW methods to protect your heart when you have diabetes

It’s a tough moment, any way you look at it. Learning that you have type 2 diabetes is a life-changing blow. To start, you now have a dangerous disease that not only complicates health issues throughout your body, but sharply increases risk of other serious conditions. Most notably, your risk of heart disease just skyrocketed. […]

This might be the most enjoyable way to prevent heart disease

Taking care of your heart is vital to your longevity and overall health. And tending to your ticker doesn’t have to be a daunting task. In fact, there’s plenty of easy — and even enjoyable  — ways to boost your cardiovascular health. For instance, walking is excellent for your heart. And it doesn’t even need […]