The easiest method ever for reducing stress and lengthening your life

Want to add a couple of years to your life in the easiest way possible? If so, I’ve got good news: You’re using this longevity-promoting method right now. According to research from Yale University, sponsored by the National Institute on Aging, people who read on a regular basis live nearly two years longer than people […]

Mainstream medicine is ruining a revitalizing therapy that can help millions of men

There are millions of men who could benefit from one particularly controversial therapy, but are avoiding treatment based on unfounded mainstream myths. So today, I want to take a little time to separate fact from fiction and clue you in on what you really need to know. I’m talking about testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Unlike […]

Your move-more strategies to banish nagging back pain — without painkillers

Is your back pain killing you? That question isn’t rhetorical. The fact is, back pain is the number one cause of disability worldwide. And this combination of excessive pain and reduced quality of life can make you feel like your golden years have come to an end. But as we now know, painkillers don’t provide […]

This unsightly backyard pest may actually help you prevent cancer

One of the most effective ways to disrupt cancer development is about to start popping up in your yard. I’m talking about dandelion — the “nuisance” weed you’re probably accustomed to mowing over or spraying with weed killer. But there’s a far better way to get rid of them. Eat them. I realize that might […]

The simple two-step approach to preserving brain health into your 90s!

You’ll never see mainstream medicine talk about how easy it can be to improve your brain health and reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s. (After all, it would drastically hurt Big Pharma’s bottom line…) But you should know that this brain-protecting strategy doesn’t cost a penny. And you don’t need special equipment or an expensive […]

Stop making this common, heart-harming mistake with your olive oil

You might be surprised to learn that cooking with olive oil can be a danger to your health… if used the wrong way. Now before you go throwing away bottles of olive oil, read this. If you eat a healthy Mediterranean-style diet (and I hope that you do), you already know that  extra virgin olive […]

Save yourself from the painful disfigurement of diabetic peripheral neuropathy

It starts as a tingling sensation. But over time, it morphs into pain. Your feet hurt and your hands ache. Eventually that pain turns into a deep burning, and you might feel sharp, shocking pangs that zap through your hands and feet. Your feet may become so numb that you lose your footing. This is […]

Seniors, avoid the allergy season nightmare that can steal your memory

Allergy season has returned to much of the U.S., and for seniors especially, this presents a risk far more dangerous than unpleasant sinus-related symptoms. That’s because many seniors turn to popular allergy drugs known as anticholinergics. And although these drugs bring short-term allergy relief, they increase the risk of long-term, dementia-like symptoms. And in my […]

The “black spice secret” that tames inflammation and alleviates joint pain

As you’ve read here many times, chronic inflammation is the driving force behind the development of chronic disease — cancer, heart disease, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many more. So if you want to reduce your risk of these devastating diseases, you’ll need to slash inflammation levels. And you might be surprised how one popular, yet potent, […]