This simple New Year’s resolution can add years to your life

Happy New Year! It’s a time for a fresh new start. And if you want to kick 2021 off on the right foot, there’s one simple New Year’s resolution that can add years to your life: Sticking to a regular sleep schedule. In his Perfect Sleep Protocol, Dr. Fred Pescatore says, “You can significantly reduce […]

Mainstream’s war on salt is causing big problems for men

Years ago, iodine deficiency was rare. But thanks to the government’s war on salt, it’s now back with a vengeance. And it’s causing a slew of health issues—especially for men. In his Insider’s Ultimate Guide to Perfect Prostate Health, Dr. Marc Micozzi explains, “Iodine is a critical mineral for prostate health. It’s required for normal […]

Three easy ways to restore your vision in the New Year

As with most health issues, Dr. Fred Pescatore can’t overstate the importance of diet in preventing and treating age-related macular degeneration—or AMD. He’s had overwhelming success in helping patients reverse and halt the degeneration of their macula through a well-designed diet. And recent research just further solidifies his point. The study—which looked at the eating […]

New research reveals: Not all brain exercises are created equal

A few years ago, research came out showing that brain-training exercises—tests, games, and classes designed to improve memory—may reduce the risk of cognitive impairment. This analysis consisted of 52 clinical trials—involving about 4,900 healthy people age 60 or older. It showed that computerized brain training programs carried out in a proper education center can improve […]

This relieves arthritis pain just as well as meds—without the side effects

Despite what mainstream wants you to believe—one of the most powerful weapons against arthritis pain isn’t an expensive prescription drug. Instead, it’s an all-natural solution: Enzymes.   As Dr. Fred Pescatore explains in his Essential Pain Protocol, “Enzymes are the catalysts behind every single important event that takes place in your body. Like a finger […]

Why don’t some people seem to age? Experts finally have the answer…

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that some people get “old” a whole lot faster than others. But the big question is, why? This has stumped scientists for years. But, recently, a growing number of experts believe that the key to healthy aging all comes down to one thing—mitochondria. As Dr. Fred Pescatore […]

The South Pacific secret that wipes out lung cancer

Just a few years ago, researchers at the University of Minnesota were stunned to discover that kava root—a South Pacific herb—prevented the formation of lung tumors in 99 percent of the mice they studied. And as Dr. Marc Micozzi explains in his Breathe Better Lung Health Protocol, “That’s an unprecedented result among cancer studies using […]

Merry Christmas from OmniVista Health Learning

After all the gifts are opened and you’ve enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner—give yourself one last gift—a short evening walk. If that sounds a little odd, Dr. Marc Micozzi explains why it’s so important, “A quick post-meal walk can make a world of difference for your blood sugar levels.” In Dr. Micozzi’s Integrative Protocol for […]

This super antioxidant gives the gift of flawless vision

In Fred Pescatore’s Ageless Vision Protocol, he says “There’s one antioxidant that beats out all the others.” And he isn’t kidding—research shows that this unique antioxidant is: 550 times stronger than green tea 800 times stronger than CoQ10. 3,000 times stronger than red wine—or resveratrol) And 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C So, what is […]

Relieve arthritis pain by adding this to your Christmas dinner

Research shows that your nagging joint pain may not be a fact of old age. Instead, one simple—and easy-to-fix—vitamin deficiency could be to blame. In Dr. Micozzi’s Arthritis Relief & Repair Protocol, he says, “Unfortunately, many people with arthritis tend to have low blood levels of vitamin E.” And the research confirms it… In one […]